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Poll: What is your favorite high school movie?

Mean Girls 6 (10%)
American Pie 3 (5%)
Napoleon Dynamite 6 (10%)
Sixteen Candles 2 (3%)
The Breakfast Club 9 (14%)
Heathers 4 (6%)
Ferris Bueller's Day Off 17 (27%)
Election 2 (3%)
Rebel Without A Cause 1 (2%)
Something else you Pete Best 13 (21%)
   Discussion: What is your favorite high school movie?
Andrea Krause · 14 years ago
I love many, I'm big on the genre, but I gotta give props to Heathers. Highly quotable.
Gordondon son of Ethelred Back · 14 years ago
I voted for Heathers but Rebel Without A Cause is by far the greatest film of the group.

Father: When I was your age...
Jim Stark (James Dean): You were never my age!
Gordondon son of Ethelred Back · 14 years ago
Father: Why do I read spy novels?
Veronica: Because you're an idiot.
Father: Oh yeah, that's right.
A girl named Becca · 14 years ago
There are lots of great runners-up, but Clueless is absolutely my favorite high school movie. It's also my favorite Jane Austen film adaptation.
goovie is married! Back · 14 years ago
yeah, where is clueless on that list?
Prinut Back · 14 years ago
Totally agreed.
Songbill · 14 years ago
Election is in my top 5 movies of all time. Though I don't really put it in the same category as the others. It's a darker comedy. For the lighter side, I'd probably say "Ferris Bueller."
Gordondon son of Ethelred Back · 14 years ago
Darker than Heathers? I don't remember a body count in Election. I loved Election too.
Songbill Back · 14 years ago
Well, I'll be honest, I... haven't... seen... Heathers. *ducks*
Gordondon son of Ethelred Back · 14 years ago
Go see it now. If you like Dark High School Comedies, you'll love it. I think Shannon Dougherty based are real life personality on the character she played in Heathers.
Andrea Krause Back · 14 years ago
Oh, Billy must..:)
Rimbo · 14 years ago
Yeah, I voted for FBDO, but I saw Mean Girls on tv recently, and I must say, although it isn't the greatest movie of all time, it has some REALLY funny moments. I give props to Tina Fey.
Kat Kunz · 14 years ago
10 Things I Hate About You. I *heart* this movie, and now that David Krumholtz has hit it big with Numb3rs, I can say I liked him when he still had a dick on his face.
Andrea Krause Back · 14 years ago
I watch movies like that and the santa clause and I wonder what the heck happened. Like...he went WHOOSH and his appearance completely changed. I remember when Numbers premiered I was like "WTF happened to elfy nerdboy???" :)
Kat Kunz Back · 14 years ago
yeah, seriously! I forgot about The Santa Clause--he was a total dork in that, too, but he looks gooood, now. Conversely, Joseph Gordon-Levitt seems to be getting less cute as he ages, which is a bummer.
Rachel Marie aka RAI Back · 14 years ago
Yes, yes, a thousand times yes. I have that movie memorized front to back and is probably one of the better teen movies out there. And HIGHLY quotable.

"I'm down. I've got the 4-1-1. And you're not going and getting jiggy with some guy no matter how dope his ride is. ...My momma don't raise no foo'."
iPauley Back · 14 years ago
YES! Love that movie.

"Where's she going?"
"She's meeting some bikers. Big ones. Full of sperm."

-- Pauley

(Oh, and gotta love Allison "C.J. Cregg" Janney as the principle, Ms. Perky. :-P)
Kyla Back · 14 years ago
My sister and I watch this together over the phone and quote along. It's just hilarious. <3
Paul D. Beasi · 14 years ago
See for me now, David Krumholtz will always be Mr. Universe in Serenity. :)
100% dainty! Back · 14 years ago
awwww . . .yes!!
goovie is married! Back · 14 years ago
for me, he will always be "the handsome, dashing jew" in freaks and geeks. :)
Gordondon son of Ethelred Back · 14 years ago
I thought I was the "the handsome, dashing, jew."
100% dainty! · 14 years ago
1. Napoleon Dynamite
2. Ferris Bueller's Day Off
3. The Breakfast Club

However, I also love Saved and Say Anything
Jill Leopardina Früdman · 14 years ago
-Can't Hardly Wait

-Drive Me Crazy (::hangs head in shame::)

-10 Things I Hate About You

Oh all right...

-Mean Girls
Phoenix · 14 years ago

1. Some Kind Of Wonderful

IMO John Hughes best film. The revenge of the nerds theme can't be beat. And damn I had a mega-crush on Mary Stuart Masterson when I saw it...

2. Pretty in Pink

John Hughes again. Unbeatable soundtrack
Bender Back · 14 years ago
please tell me that your icon is a "Snape's on a plane" pun...
Gordondon son of Ethelred Back · 14 years ago
It is.
J. Andrew World · 14 years ago
-Better off Dead-Do you know what the street value of this mountain is worth?
-American Graphiti-Can you believe it's not even on the list?
-Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure-Excactly like my senior year of High School. Except for the pot. And the Heavy Metal. And the time travel. But other then that...
Gordondon son of Ethelred · 14 years ago
D'oh, I should have put that in. I took the answers from lists of best high school films and it wasn't listed. It should have been.
Melinda J. Beasi · 14 years ago
But I'm a huge fan of the whole genre, so you still have a lot of my favorites on the list.
Andrea Krause Back · 14 years ago
I have a weird relationship with Say Anything. I love the movie, I love Dobler, I love a lot of the supporting characters. But I really don't like Diane very much. It's like...I love him for how he loves her...but I don't understand WHY he does. :)
100% dainty! Back · 14 years ago
Yeah! . . .I know what you mean . . . I feel like she's not that good of an actress . . . and also, when you watch the movie a million times, it begins to get tiring.
emilie is CRANKY · 14 years ago
how do i CHOOOOSE? it's impossible.

ok, i choose the faculty. because not only does it have high school, but it has HOBBITS and GORE. :D

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