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      Jºnªthªn - Nov 20, 7:23pm:
      Hey Josh! How are you doing?
      Mark - Feb 1, 9:25pm:
      Holy cow... I’m shocked this place is still running!
      Jennifer - Feb 11, 9:39pm:
      I played my oldest kid (8yo) Green Eggs and Ham tonight after reading the book. Not going to lie, I felt pretty squicky about it, given everything that has transpired, but it got me poking around here and remembering life 20+ years ago... Good wishes to anyone reading this
      Mamalissa! - Feb 20, 5:42pm:
      right back atchya!
      Jim - Apr 13, 8:53am:
      Found a Fruvous subreddit last night. Joined out of nostalgia then had to come over here
      Mamalissa! - Oct 4, 2:21pm:
      FB is down. Who else came here?
      Mamalissa! - Oct 6, 10:52am:
      Nope. Just me. I'll get over it some day...
      Mamalissa! - Oct 18, 4:29pm:
      ...some day...
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