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      Mamalissa! - Jun 14, 5:17pm:
      Wist. Full of wist.
      J. Andrew World - Jun 14, 9:05pm:
      Internal organs. Full of internal organs.
      Mamalissa! - Jun 16, 9:37pm:
      You should totally get that checked out, Andy.
      Michael (foof) Maki - Jun 17, 10:54am:
      Holy shit. This thing is still here. I can't even remember the last time I was here.
      J McClure - Aug 24, 12:12pm:
      I can't believe this is still on! I am just about to throw out a WHOLE BUNCH of Fruvous and Fruvous-adacejnt DAT tapes and cassette tapes. Anybody want them?
      Chris "Father" O'Malley - Sep 15, 12:55pm:
      "new" fruvous music (from 1998) being posted on facebook - will put it on soon
      devcybiko - Oct 6, 11:17pm:
      are there any dvds of MF?
      Brent Miller - Dec 29, 4:09pm:
      I just listed two FruCon1 shirts on eBay. Search for "Moxy Fruvous, FruCon"
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