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      Gordondon son of Ethelred - Apr 9, 9:06pm:
      Should I turn the lights off?
      Mamalissa! - Apr 22, 5:27pm:
      Not a bad idea, G.
      Shiv singh - Jun 3, 8:42am:
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      Pete S. - Jun 10, 9:36pm:
      Once I was the King of Spain...
      Carl - Jun 11, 8:10pm:
      HOLY COVIDSUCKING CRAP! This site still exists! Whoo hoo! Ah, the nineties. I still play Fruvous on my show occasionally. Keeping it alive!
      Jered - Jun 13, 3:18pm:
      Whoa. I'm surprised and glad this site sitll (sorta) exists! --Jered (yes, that Jered)
      Jason Childers - Jun 24, 11:56am:
      I'm still here. Still looking for that "Minnie the Moocher" track.
      Jºnªthªn - Jun 30, 7:44pm:
      Well let me tell you a story...
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