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      David L Alexander - Nov 28, 9:22am:
      There appear to be two FB groups devoted to the matter of Jian Ghomeshi. One is known as "Jian Ghomeshi Irritates The Hell Out Of Me," and you can kinda tell where that one's going. The other is simply "Jian Ghomeshi Discussion," which is not as active as the first one. I used to follow the band along with my son Paul dubbed "Virtual Boy" by the band), but I can't say we followed them from one town to another, just all over DC. Paul is 29 now. I can't say I'm "devastated" by this, although I read Jian's statement on Facebook and … well, I wasn't all that impressed. I have other thoughts about it, but those will come later.
      Sterling Campbell - Jun 2, 11:02pm:
      Hello everyone.. I have an original moxy demo tape. ple
      Sterling Campbell - Jun 2, 11:03pm:
      Please email your offer to me if interested.
      Sterling Campbell - Jun 2, 11:06pm:
      Sterling Campbell - Jun 2, 11:06pm:
      Novac - Jan 7, 9:26am:
      Don't mind me, just sweeping out some cobwebs.
      Brent Miller - Feb 7, 4:23pm:
      I was just going through my basement closet when I found a handful of unsold FruCon t-shirts, stickers and business cards. For those who remember, Marianne & I designed & distributed shirts for FruCon
      Jºnªthªn - Mar 24, 5:39pm:
      Jian acquitted.
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