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      Josh Woodward - Feb 15, 12:19pm:
      Also wtf, this is FHDC's 20th anniversary year!
      renita - Mar 2, 10:04am:
      Holy smokes!
      Jim - Apr 7, 8:09pm:
      *Waves at everyone* So, I have been listening to the MF Studio Discography today and realize how much I miss MF
      Carl - May 30, 12:48pm:
      Just played My Baby on my radio show. Hee hee.
      renita - Jun 29, 2:05pm:
      I've been feeling frustrated with various forums and social media platforms.
      renita - Jun 29, 2:07pm:
      Josh, I think this is one of the best designed websites I ever participated in.
      morksy frubyus - Jul 23, 12:11pm:
      I've been a lurker for almost 20 years. Felt like 2019 was the right time to post. Greetings Fruheads - Oct 5, 12:59am:
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