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FHDC Acceptable Use Policy

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FHDC Acceptable Use Policy

Posted by: Josh Woodward on Tue, Jan 1, 2002

Due to recent unfortunate incidents, it's time to remind FHDC users of what's permitted and what's not. We're generally a tight-knit and friendly group, so I urge you to listen and take this to heart to maintain the vibe of this very cool community.

Things that are not acceptable include:

  • Foul language, explicit content, or slanderous statements on public forums. There are many younger Fruheads on here, and we need to remember that.
  • Nude, or otherwise crude pictures in profiles. Again, there are children here.
  • Posting of images, files, etc with the purpose of using on other sites. I'll give active members of the community a little more latitude on this, but please do it in the FHDC Homepages section, not in the profile pictures area.
  • Posting of copyrighted or otherwise illegal content in FHDC webspace, including commercial MP3s and software.
  • "Bumping" forum threads to get them back on top. They'll just get "unbumped" or closed.
  • Use of FHDC resources for commercial gain. FHDC is non-profit, and user funded. If you want webspace to make money, you need to go elsewhere.

If a given number of FHDC moderators decide that you're in violation of these rules, you are placed on "time-out", meaning you will be unable to use the site.

I wish it were not necessary to remind FHDC of these, I guess it's just part of the growing pains of a community like this. Thanks, and carry on!

   Discussion: FHDC Acceptable Use Policy
Brian Dinsky · 20 years, 3 months ago

First post!� Teehee.

leevan houston Back · 16 years, 8 months ago

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