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J. Andrew World
Username: Capn_Flanl
First Visit: Aug 10, 1999
Last Visit: Mon, Jun 10, 2024, 3:59am
Location:Easthampton, MA
About You:P is the letter on the Piortic table for Fish Ion The word Didiculousness means uber ridiculous! As in "i'm overwhelmed by absurdity so much i cant pronounce things right" The word nakedosity is "the state of being exuberantly naked" *I HAVE 1369.69 ELLYPOINTS AND COUNTING* *I HAVE 100 ANDREAPOINTS* I have 1,000,560 Barb Points! 1,000,000 is for the Jacket, 500 is for liking the Corrs, 50 for visiting her and 10 points for putting her on my page! And because of Stacy's Rocking I have 1000 Staceypoints 100 bethpoints The Definition of Kudies: the first Sexually transmitted deseize that kids learn about. You get them from touching the opposet of sex. **********Quotes********** "Take his pants off if you are going to sleep on top!" -My Mom said to Beth at Falcon Ridge when she was going to sleep on the top bunk "if you and Jian had a lovechild, it would be Gregg Cagno" -Leah Bender "amyholland is my favorate amyholland" -Sarah Steele on Amy Holland (kinky) "can someone pleeeeese take the crack pipe from andy?? thank you." -Shelly Sholley on me! Well not on me but about me. Well you get what I mean! "Nitsa? Is a Nitsa a person or a food?" -My mom on Nitsa "hey, why use an aresol can when you can use a blow torch!" -Laura on handling Exes "Yeah! So it *should* have cookies and duct tape! Maybe there were cookies and duct tape, but he just didn't mention. I mean, they were at a carnival; I bet that roller coaster was held together with duct tape. And maybe they ate some cookies." -Sqee-chan on the song Fly, and how to make it happy "WHY DOESN'T MY OWNER LOVE ME ENOUGH TO BUY ME UNDERPANTS.?" -Animal Underpants....Errrr....Don't ask then! "There are just the two types: young and beautiful, and old and squat. The speculation is that the old Hungarian women consume the younger ones." -Rob Balder, on Hungarian Women. Well Rob wasn't on them, on them but he was discussing them! "Time to serve up 2 scoops of candy coated Ka-boom" - The Big Guy from the TV Series "Big Guy and Rusty the Boy Robot" "You're just funny. But your also cool and sweet, too *huggles* That's exactly what you are! You're the human equivalent of Ice cream!" -Nikki Ramos on Yours Truly "yeah, well just blame it on my apparently over-active tongue, Ryan" -Theri on, ummmm....I have no clue, but it sure sounds like something I wanna find out more about! "I'm Canadian, not stupid!" - Jen Meyers when I tryed to explain to her what an Inch was! "A thumb can't be converted!" -Stephanie helping me convert tell Jen what an Inch is. "Hey man, that was awsome, both you and your woman are welcome back to my van tonight if you want. I mean that hat looks pritty good on you and she's kinda kinky sence she bit me and all!" -Adam Brodsky after I said "Came" durring "Deisel Dyke" "I would have killed most people but, luckily for Kiki, ferrets are more easily distracted than a toddler on a double expresso." -Bub-Bun from Sluggy Freelance "I saw Elvis in a Potatochip once" -Fox Mulder on the X files "most people think of Canada as a place with a strange weights and mesures and doesn't have the science to back it up. There is a place north of Toronto and me and a freind went to where there was a signthat said "Please drive 2 Cheverons behind the other car" and they have 2 cheverons painted on the side of the road. And now north of Torronto that is anm excptable means of mesurement! "The country store is about 100 cheveron's that way. But I havn't been there in Cheverons sence I was Yeah Cheverons high"" -Mike Myers "hehehe....Andy, Bridging the Gap between fanees and their faners" -Cara on me (Yum) and how I am an Envoy to Jian "You know more about Canadian Music than me, Andy, and Canada is my Native Country" - James Stevens today at work "If you wanna see Andy dance, buy my new CD." -Russell Wolff "Beware the wrath of my breasts!" -Kim Sward. I don't think I can add anything to that one to even begin to explain it! "Let's put it this way, If you buy a CD, when I go back to Canada I can buy a new car with the money!" -Danny Michel on the extange rate and why he likes touring in the US. "I am going to an imorality Party! You should go too! I will be wearing Tape!" -Jeanette Zissel inviting me to a party. "Aww how sweet! if I knew you were going to be our pimp for the evening I would have put you on the list" -Some random drop dead gorgeious girl in a see threw nighty , no bra and a thong and the prittyest brown eyes I have ever seen! "Can't you see the Pile of Decaying Donkeys?" -Villa Jidiots "what a silly-brained woman....doesn't she know that NIKKI's always right?!" -Nikki Ramos on my ex saying she is always right "I don't know enough adjatives to write Pornography" -Neil Gaiman "Do you know how creepy it is to think that at least eight people will be having sex tonight because of you?" -Warren Ellis on his Message boards he started "and if donuts are the way to my Andy's happiness... well, then donut we shall!" -Chrissy Jedziniak on the true way to my happiness. But she forgot Porn! (Keep reading, you will get it) So I'm indulging myself withsome time in the pub on a Sunday, and then I'm going to buy myself a steak the size of my head. Which, according to some of my hate mail, is very large indeed." -Warren Ellis "Well, I'm very flexy on this issue. But I've traditionally liked midgets. And I quite like deformities. I went out with a hunchback for some time." - Hugh Grant. No for real, he said that! Ok Now on to Celine Dion and her frozen Fetus! "I just hate it when I get Pimp hat hair!" -Pete Abrams, the creator of Sluggy Freelance when I was complaining about my pimp hat. "You look familiar, where do I know you from?" "You might know me from TV...I also might have been to a bar, Which is why I might be Drunk!" -Jena to Jason Carter, who played Marcus Cole on Babylon 5 and his responce. "You should call him that, and you should also call him a tracer, he would really like that!" -Thyla, telling me what I should do sence I called Joe Sunday, of Sluggy Freelance, Sunday Bob. "I mean what are you going to do? Say "Please take my penis out of your mouth....please?" -Nick on my one night stand. "Those great forbidding plates of text with small spot illustration are just brainhammeringly boring. "Brainhammeringly" may not be a word." -Warren Ellis "I love old People I think they are so cute." -AJ from the Backstreet Boys "That part of me is clean. I was wearing a hat!" -Me, don't ask! "If Britney and Justin had a child, that child would probably sign a $100 million endorsement deal while still in the womb." -John Ryan "Oh! Andy is like chocolate, sweet and addictive!" -Crystal on me! Wheeee! "if you are going to do something stupid, do it really stupid." -Advice I gave my College roommate once on Relationships. Quotes from my trip to Canada! "When I first heard London was the Forrest City, I thought it would be like the E Wok Village in Return of the Jedi. We would be swinging from shop to shop on a vine, and there would be lots of 3 foot tall furry canadians." -Me on the Great City of London "awww.....That kid just said 'Eh!'" -Me "I really enjoyed your performance tonight. I think this is the first time I have seen you in a space like this, I usually got the crap seats in big venues when I have seen you, so it's nice to know you are more than an inch tall." -me to Sarah Slean "Elly was denied of her superness" -Me to Elly when she had the most amazing shot in the world at Put Put and she missed it by a little bit "Did you take into consideration the curvature of Canada?" -Elly "This must be a metric pool table." -Me to Crystal about why I was playing pool so Badly "How many strokes did it take me to get it up and keep it up?" -Elly, who must have hit the ball on the grass about 10,000,000,000,000 times! Quotes from Sweet Marie! "The question of the ages- why do we name our genitalia after cats and chickens?--- what is it?" -Carey's Ellen on our favorate Topic! "Andy, you are a Band Aid that cover's the Boo-Boo that is life" -Ellen Rowland "It's hard to keep thinking about sex with the mental image of george wendt eating beans....altho- not totally impossible" - Ellen Rowland "Because when you lose your luggage, the first thing you think is "boy I really need to get me some thongs!"" -Ellen Rowland "Well good- cos you're cute when you act cute and goofy! not to mention goofy!" -Ellen Rowland on me! ( that's a good Idea!) "What? He Farted with all the girls?" -Ellen Rowland on miss hearing me? "Arn't I the Deaf one?" -My responce "You realize for the rest of the day i am going to have to fight the urge to say "so you want to have anal sex" at random intervals." -Ellen, Silly this *IS* her quote secion after all! "Thomas Edison used the restroom here?" -Ellen about how they named Battery Park "Watch out for the Toast in the Puddles!" -Ellen "It's all about Pirate Love!" -Ellen And Ellen Sayeth unto me "Thy hair is as a flock of goats, that appear from mount Gilead. Thy teeth are like a flock of sheep that are even shorn, which came up from the washing; whereof every one bear twins, and none is barren among them."- Songs of Soloman, Chapter 4 Verse 1-2 "Only we could start cybering and get sidetracked by decapitation!" -Ellen Rowland "dork love is a beautiful thing!" -Ellen Rowland "Nothing says love like massive head trauma." Ellen, Duh! "sex with you is so much better than stabbing myself in the ear" -Who do you think: ELLEN! "well so would i-- but i seem to be tapping into my inner can of whup ass" -My violent Ellen, no not my ex, Ellen Rowland on Sex and Candy! and Candy...... ""i'm not just a girl. i'm an ellen"--- don't remind me! you ruin it for the rest of us ellens!" -Ellen on my ex "Were the Cutest Ever. I don't don't know what we are but were the cutest. I don't know what catagory we are in but we are the cutest. We just are. So there." -The Cutest Ellen "We make people Throw up" -Ellen Rowland on us as a couple


Stacey, Stephanie and Me outside of my bed room!Nice Party hats ;)Fishstick GirlsA recent picture
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