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Poll: Have you ever cheated on your significant other?

No! 55 (62%)
Yes and I'm ashamed 7 (8%)
Yes and I'm glad 3 (3%)
I tried but it didn't happen 1 (1%)
What's a significant other? 14 (16%)
If I told you, Pete Best would have to kill you 9 (10%)
   Discussion: Have you ever cheated on your significant other?
Bender · 16 years ago
where's the "um, the situation was very ambiguous and so's my answer" response?
Samantha · 16 years ago
wheres the " they cheated on me first " response?.. I've never cheated on anyone.. but I just want that one up there.. I find it necessary ..O.o
A.J. Back · 16 years ago
That might be "yes, and I'm glad" with an explanation in a post.
soul groove feline · 16 years ago
where's the "i've never had a significant other, you insensitive clod" option?

except for fifth grade when this boy sent me a card that said he liked me and that my hair curled real nice in the humidity and i told everybody i had a boyfriend and he gave me a rose and my mother thought that was so darned cute she hung it to dry when it started to wilt and said i should keep it forever and i thought i was going to marry this boy so i asked him what his favourite foods were and wrote them on recipe cards so that i could cook for him when we were married and then i asked him to the school dance but i asked him in front of his friends and they looked at him strange so he said no and i sat crying under a tree for half an hour then went back inside for class and asked another boy in class if he would be my boyfriend.

oh. you meant in the Post-Cooties Era. No, none of the people i am emotionally connected with to the point where they are... otherly significant in a sense... are actually my "significant others", so the question isn't really... um... applicable.

though, for a non-applicable question, i've sure rambled a good deal.
nate... Back · 16 years ago
oO Teach me all your favorite foods, I wanna cook for you... Oo

Morphine - "Cook"
danced with Lazlo Back · 16 years ago
Yeah, what she said... except for the whole fifth grade thing. That part's just pathetic. ;)

And your mom's on crack.
nate... Back · 16 years ago
Mmmm... crack...
A.J. Back · 16 years ago
That would be what the "what is a significant other?" option is for. Both for those who havent had one YET, and for those who don't believe in them.
renita · 16 years ago
nor would i.
Erica: movin' to Ohio!! · 16 years ago
there wasn't really a proper choice for me. i slept with a danny while i was dating a dan. but the dan wasn't really ever there, he had too much other nonsense to do and we were in the process of breaking up, meaning, we had decided it was really stupid to tie ourselves to eachother when he couldn't even tell his overprotective mother he had a gf. however, karma got me in the end bc danny turned out to be an abusive alcoholic.
Annika · 16 years ago
I was trying to break up with him anyhow, and he wasn't getting it. Not that he did after that fact either... *shudder*
A girl named Becca · 16 years ago
...what about "has someone ever cheated on his or her significant other with you?"
danced with Lazlo Back · 16 years ago
So is that, like, a date?
A girl named Becca Back · 16 years ago
Well....I guess it sort of was....

A.J. Back · 16 years ago
That is a different but interesting question. I'd like to know about that too, but this poll came directly out of my mind playing with the earlier poll about cheating on tests.
100% dainty! · 16 years ago
I totally would for Jian.

::Is lying::

. . . .::sort of:: *g*
nate... Back · 16 years ago
A.J. Back · 16 years ago
Well I suspect you and Jian have something in common there. :)
nate... Back · 16 years ago
Jian would cheat on his significant other if he could have sex with himself? huh.

Well, cloning technology is improving... I suppose....

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