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Poll: What type of anti-depressant are you on?

SSRI (Prozac, Zoloft, Paxil, Celexa, Lexapro) 16 (25%)
Tricyclic (Adapin, Anafranil, Elavil, Norpramin, etc) 1 (2%)
MAOI (Nardil, Parnate) 0 (0%)
Other (Buspar, Effexor, Desyrel, Remeron, Serzone, Wellbutrin) 5 (8%)
I don't know, they just hand me the pills and say swallow. 0 (0%)
I'm not on any, but I really should get some! 9 (14%)
There is nothing wrong with me you insnsitive (and crazy) clod! 28 (44%)
How can you ask such a personal question? 4 (6%)
   Discussion: What anti-depressant are you on?
A.J. · 18 years ago
Celexa. Soon maybe Lexapro instead.
iPauley · 18 years ago

I'm not taking anti-depressants. this is either a sign of wellness or denial. Take your pick. :-P *LOL*

-- Pauley

lawrence · 18 years ago
what about just a "none" answer? I don't really like saying "There is nothing wrong with me...." because it implies there is something wrong and crazy about people who are, and that's just not true.

but it seems that that attitude is so prevalent these days that it's no wonder people who do have trouble with depression are so often ashamed of it and afraid to get the treatment they need.
Zach · 18 years ago
I used to be on Effexor and Seroquel. I didn't like them. I'm doing fine without them, now.
Gordondon son of Ethelred Back · 18 years ago
Once again you took the words out of my mouth.
zil · 18 years ago

225mg effexor

lithium occasionaly

ambien, trazadone, saroquel, risperdal... *sigh*

Phoenix · 18 years ago

"I'mso self-righteous that I refuse any medication"


Checking all options again I've come to the conclusion I might have voted tor the wrong option. Oh well.

If I rephrase the option I'm not on any, but I really should get some! to I'm not on any, but a doctor advised me to get some and I decided against that would be quite accurate.

A.J. Back · 18 years ago
Hey, if they work, I'm not knocking them!
A.J. Back · 18 years ago
That choice is not there because the idea that if you are on a drug there is something wrong with you is funny in this context, and that would ruin my joke. Since I'm on one, I get to call us people on them crazy. :P
zil Back · 18 years ago
I am, they help, but I'm still FAR from where I want to be, I dunno.
goovie is married! Back · 18 years ago


Andrea Krause · 18 years ago

Paxil, currently. This may change in the near future though, as my needs get reassessed. Paxil isn't cutting it.

Been on Wellbutrin and Desipramine (sp?) in the past.

Mamalissa! · 18 years ago
I voted SSRI, since I'm on the Lexapro, but I'm also an other, since I take the Wellbutrin as well.

I was on the Zoloft for a very long time, and have also tried the Effexor, and the Remeron. And the rock-and-roll music.
danced with Lazlo Back · 18 years ago
I'm with you on that one.

Except replace "decided against" with "refused and cursed out the doctor and my mom for suggesting it" and you'll be closer.

Well, that's not entirely accurate... I didn't curse out the doctor. Not to her face anyway. But I never saw her again. The last doctor I actually opened up to until he changed his mind and decided that I was right, I didn't need medication. The one in the middle... well, she was just evil and her opinion doesn't matter.
Yvonne Back · 18 years ago
I've only ever been on rock and roll music and it works wonders. I'd never switch to another drug. :D
Phoenix Back · 18 years ago
we're even much more close on this one than you might have thought...
"decided against" was rather the "glossed over with understatement" version. I actually refused quite stubbornly and was eventually referred to another doctor. And she was way better - and didn't share the opinion that I needed medication...
Erato · 18 years ago
I'm on Paxil. It works semi-decently for my social anxiety issues.
iPauley Back · 18 years ago

o/` I want a new drug
One that won't make me sick
One that won't make me crash my car
Or make me feel three feet thick o/`

-- Pauley

soul groove feline · 18 years ago
i've been on some form of SSRI pretty much nonstop since i was about 6... first prozac (stopped working eventually), then paxil, then celexa, then back to prozac again for awhile, then lexapro (it barely worked at all and had nasty side effects)... and currently zoloft.

alas, they weren't just for depression, rather for a whole happy little potpourri of neuroses, i didn't have a real problem with depression until about 4 years ago.
Phoenix Back · 18 years ago

meep. What an oddysey-like trip -medication-wise. And even at the tender age of 6. You've really been through a lot...


K-Lyn Back · 18 years ago
me too. And there was much rejoicing. yay.
Nick Collins · 18 years ago
No anti-depressants here, although I am taking a combination of Straterra and Concerta for ADHD and Adderol for violent mood swings, happiness!
Yvonne Back · 18 years ago
Hee hee. :D
Jason Reiser · 18 years ago
1,3,7-trimethylxanthine - at least a few times a day or I'm basically useless.
Bender · 18 years ago

My doctor is weaning me off of my extraneous meds. I will be done with my Zoloft on the 11th. For my bipolar, I'm on Lithium and Lamictal, which also treats depression. Two pills!!! TWO!!!!!!!!!!!! I haven't been on just two since I was thirteen.

But for many years:

o/~ I have faith in medication / I believe in the Prozac Nation / You play doctor, but I've lost patience... o/~

Snow In Summer · 18 years ago

why is it that i think Prozac Nation is a well-read book among Fruheads?   

when i was still up north, i was on prozac & was switched to paxil due to insurance issues. i hated them both, so when the insurance & job ran out i went off cold turkey. suffice to say, not an experience i'd ever recommend. 

on an unrelated note, am i the only person who has issues w/ the u-umlaut showing all wonky? 

Nik Chaikin Back · 18 years ago
Your rejoicing? Guess they work. :)
Nik Chaikin · 18 years ago
prozac, ridilin(sp?), remeron, stratera, adderal...i think that's it.
no one Back · 18 years ago
Not sure which umlaut you are trying to display, but, if you hold down Alt while typing particular sequences on the number pad, you shouldn't have any problems.
Alt and 132 gives you
Alt and 148 gives you
and so on.
Works for accents in french as well. E.g.,
Alt and 147 gives you , just in case you insist on spelling "role" properly.
Look up the ASCII table for heaps more symbols not directly available on your keyboard.
renita Back · 18 years ago
she said the u-umlaut.

which is alt and 129
Gordondon son of Ethelred Back · 18 years ago
I'm down to two pills a day for the first time since before you were born too. Mine aren't for depression but I found it depressing when I was taking 12 pills a day and sometimes more.
renita · 18 years ago
Paxil for a while.

It's one of the reasons I managed to graduate from high school.
Agent Scully Back · 18 years ago
Not to mention on my browser it's showing as this:

Snow In Summer Back · 18 years ago

I appreciate the lesson in how to make diacritical marks.  actually, what i'm talking about is how the ASCII codes are displaying on my particular browser.  for example:

Alt and 132 gives you ä?¼br>Alt and 148 gives you ?r>and so on.

...and it's alt+0252 for the u-umlaut.

Snow In Summer Back · 18 years ago
so it's not just me!
lawrence Back · 18 years ago
don't use the alt codes, as they are character set specific. use html entities:

ü is a lowercase u with an umlaut, ä is a lowercase a with an umlaut, Ë is an uppercase E with an umlaut, etc. it's just &[letter]uml; and it will always work on everyone's computer.
renita Back · 18 years ago

that's cool.

but how do you get it to appear inside a word. for instance I tried to type cül but obviously it doesn't work.
lawrence Back · 18 years ago
you have to put a semicolon after it. the html entity codes all begin with an ampersand and end with a semicolon. every browser understands them, as far as I know.
A.J. Back · 18 years ago
Trüly Fünky!
zil Back · 18 years ago
silly. :-)
It's a girl! Back · 18 years ago

Yeesh! And I thought it sucked when I had to take 4 pills a day!

Right now I'm down to one 20mg tablet of Lexapro a day. Seems to do the trick.

In the past I've tried lithium, lamictal, wellbutrin, paxil, buspar, klonopin, ritalin, prozac, celexa,and risperdal. Either separately or in various combinations.

It wasn't good.

lawrence Back · 18 years ago
nö, ÿöü mëänt tö säÿ ït lïkë thïs. :)
stealthlori Back · 18 years ago

if i try to type the umlaut in the alt-129 manner on fhdc (using IE) i jump back to my previous page. and lose whatever i'm working on. so it's completely not worth it, and i've just retrained myself tospell sans umlaut.

i've been de-germanized!

stealthlori · 18 years ago

I've been on Prozac forever. I mean, like, 12 years.

It works.

I tried going off it in 1994,but after a few months I was a complete mess, so that was that.

My last major depression was post-Frucon '99, and ended when I added St. John's Wort to the mix after about 3 months of woe. The doc also increased my Prozac dose by 10 mg/day and told me I could take more of the SJW. But with 1 SJW capa day (uh ... 400 mg?) and 30 mg of Prozac, I've been pretty good the past few years. Which is to say, functional most days, and positively effective on some. So I'm not messing with what's working.

stealthlori Back · 18 years ago

the right one can save your life.

the wrong one can be hell, but fortunately i've never had to deal with the wrong one. *knocks on head*

Lisa Kay · 18 years ago
wow. I feel so normal on this board! I've been on Remeron, Depakote, Prozac, Paxil, Neurontin...I was threatened with Lithium but am now back on Prozac. it's cheap and that's necessary for me (I don't have any health insurance)

I usually feel so strange saying that but I love fruheads!
Annika Back · 18 years ago
Paxil did weird things to me. I had about a week of feeling totally content staring at the ceiling. Completely unmotivated.
Agent Scully Back · 18 years ago
ACK! My browser has the measles with all the dots!
Eri · 18 years ago
I'm on two, and they're in different categories.
A.J. Back · 18 years ago
I know, what I really would have liked was check-off boxes for each individual drug, but there are only a certain number of answers available and they are mutually exclusive. Sigh, we do what we can. In anycase I think it sparked a cool thread. :)
Sally · 18 years ago
Combats my migraines and depression.
renita Back · 18 years ago
well, you can always spell it with an e.
ue= umlauted u.
oe= unlauted o
ae= umlauted a.

it's what I do when I'm being lazy.
A.J. Back · 18 years ago
So Moxy Fruevous. Yuck!
stealthlori Back · 18 years ago
yeah, I think I'd rather just go with Fruvous and know I'm diacritically wrong but aesthetically correct. :D
Yvonne Back · 18 years ago

Haha...that looks funny. :)

Are we Fruheads or Frheads? The URL doesn't have an umlaut...

Bender Back · 18 years ago
Don't get me started on Neurontin. I mean, don't even. Well, I'm started. Want a complacent, harmless zombie? Give someone Neurontin. Kills you on the inside in a way that makes Depakote look like a creativity supplement. *shudder*
renita Back · 18 years ago
not sure. but the fruvousdotcom URL doesn't have one either.

and really we pronounce it more like a plain u that an ü
Phoenix Back · 18 years ago
There was no possiblility at that time of registering "umlaut-domains" anyway. It is possible now (IIRC this started only a few weeks ago ).
renita Back · 18 years ago
ah yah. see I knew it wasn't possible before, however, I didn't know that it is now possible. cool that.

and what would you say Reinhard?
Früvous, does it really sound umlauted or not?
stealthlori Back · 18 years ago
i'm not reinhard, but i will say it doesn't sound at all umlauted to me the way we pronounce it. nor does the band say it with an umlaut. (although i imagine Fordy easily could if he wanted to.)

the only other band i know with u-umlauts is Husker Du, and I don't think they really pronounce it either.

so what's plaguing you, renita? ;)

Phoenix Back · 18 years ago
As Lori said we don't pronounce Fruvous with an umlaut. OTOH the differences in pronounciation between these 2 would be minute. And if MIchael Stipe pronounced Frvous and Fruvous you wouldn't be be able to hear a difference at all ;-D
A.J. Back · 18 years ago
Also Mötley Crüe I believe. I think it is making fun of them that is the point of the umlaut in früvous
stealthlori Back · 18 years ago
really? i can see that ... there's certainly a similarity in sound.

or is this just one more of Grandpa Frvous' stories? ;)

and d00d. you don't even want to know how those Crmlauts translated in a post-by-email.

(now see, I have the Netscape browser open at the moment, and the ascii code works just fine with it. weeeeird.)
Phoenix Back · 18 years ago

hey, that's an interesting fact(?). And what about Motrhead?

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