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Lower camp planning.

   Discussion: Lower camp planning.
nate... · 18 years, 11 months ago
So, I'm going to be arriving..... probably around 5PM on wednesday. When are other people planning to arrive in lower camp?
nate... Back · 18 years, 11 months ago
Apparently.. nobody else is camping there. :D
nitsita Back · 18 years, 11 months ago

I'd be camping lower if I was _going_.


I can see the bunny Back · 18 years, 11 months ago
I think we had another thread going about this before...but I'll be arriving at lower camp sometime Tuesday night.
Kat Kunz · 18 years, 11 months ago

but i don't know anything about logistics.  mom could probably tell you... but she's helping me pack my dorm up, so she's not really online much this week.  probably by midday on weds, but i could be wrong. 

anyway.  not a very helpful post.  but you're not alone at lower camp, nate, we promise.

trunger is counting... Back · 18 years, 11 months ago
let's see. hopefully we won't die in a freak mountain driving accident and you can see me and some one esle nosing around the lower wed. at some point....
John J. Ryan Back · 18 years, 11 months ago
You and Bill aren't doing upper camp?
Andrea Krause Back · 18 years, 11 months ago
we'll be in lower camp. Don't know yet if we're arriving Wednesday evening or Thursday morning. As in the past two years, I would be extremely grateful if there was space saved for my honkin' 14'x14' tent. :) I will give cookies for this! And rides on my bike! :)

*soooo happy that jillmom and julius and kat will be there*
Snarki_Fru · 18 years, 11 months ago

I'm assuming this is in Volunteer Camping?  I wouldn't mind camping with a group of folks, but considering my beastie I may just have to find a back corner somewheres...

I've got 10' x 15' Canvas Pavilion [ but in all white] (hey most of my camping is SCA camping, and it seemed a waste of $$ to buy both a pavilion and a nylon tent), with guide ropes staked close the footprint ends up being about 13' x 18'.  However, if I don't get a roof rack by then, I may try to borrow a nylon tent from someone

angie, space hog

Songbill Back · 18 years, 11 months ago
I think Trung is leaning towards Lower, but I'm not positive. Regardless, I'm sure I'll spend a healthy amount of time jamming and whatnot in the dome.
trunger is counting... Back · 18 years, 11 months ago

i am following the ways of gravity and staying lower. besides it would be fun to run up the hill then down again...maybe get one of those idiotic summer sleds and well, you know.....

Shelly · 18 years, 11 months ago
ok, so lemme de-lurk a twinge to tell you about my plans for lower camp this year:

last year, we added a few edheads and expanded...this year -more- want to join us.....seeeeeeooooooooo.....

since there was never any -official- camp edhead, i am creating one that'll be an off-shoot of our lower camp. titled 'the pirate's patch'{consult 'payday in the village' lyrics for PERFECT explanation}, i dunno how many tenes strong twill be as yet, but i am planning on having a beeeg flagpole and flag and such, too. i just hafta logistically figger that out.

i am getting there wednesday sometime{like i am just figgering on the same times as thursday but a day earlier and with the privelege of volunteer camping, can get in any time of day wednesday ;)

so...yah....i have made myself coordinator of the logistics for the downstairs camp as far as tentspace needed and such.

john; i dunno yet iffin i'll be able to ride along up the weekend before to help set upp the dome and cordon off alll this space or not, but i am damn sure gonna try!!!

so....if anyone can email me the space they need, i'd be much obliged.

andrea: i know the size of your beast...heehee ;) and nate, roughly yours, too ;)

and of course mine and mommy' and daddy's and ^kat^'s.

and ellen's.

oh. and anyone with any flagpole suggestions, please email me as well; i of course don't wanna go TOOO spendy and amm all aboot the creative ;) but being able to see the flag from the mainstage seating area would be kewlness
Annika Back · 18 years, 11 months ago
I hate you all. *hugs* Have fun. Hopefully I'll be able to go next year. :^)
Chaya Papaya Back · 18 years, 10 months ago
ok so my parents are actually vendors this i don't know exactly when i'm depends if i go with my mom, my dad, in the third car they're supposed to be buying....or with random rochester person #z. i'm also bringing this really awesome dude named dan and he'll be camping with us @ lower i guess the moral of this really weird 4am i've been up since monday story me a spot?
A.J. Back · 18 years, 10 months ago
We'll be in lower (Lisa has informed me) and we have a new huge tent from Costco thanks to the growing family. Beyond that we haven't actually made plans yet. You guys really figure things out early don't you? I expect to know what I'm doing like the week before.
John J. Ryan · 18 years, 10 months ago

From Steve Martin, President, King, and Commandant of Camp Fruvous:

Obviously I need to mark off more space for downstairs than I did last year.
Since I will be there early I can mark off the point (as big as possible) and
then claim some space across the lane. Give me a rough count of tents before
July 18 for camp downstairs. I will put up some sort of marker for the two

I'll also be there on July 18th helping him out.  Anyone else who wants to come is more than welcome.  Yea FRFF pre-game!

nate... Back · 18 years, 10 months ago
Well, Becca and I are going to be downstairs... and I'm going to have a pretty darned big tent.... 17X9 or so.

Any help saving space would be met with great thanks.
John J. Ryan Back · 18 years, 10 months ago

Okay!  Looks like so far, we'll be marking off a TON of space this year.  They should seriously have a best camp award, it would make camplife, if it wasn't already great, even better.  Let's all put that on the survey forms!!!!

nate... Back · 18 years, 10 months ago
Fun idea. :)

And, I'm getting there Wed night... so I can start helping to take up marked space.

(Cuz, like, I know that *I* always feel guilty taking up a ton of space for days with nobody in it... when other people are coming in and looking for spots.)

ellen, formerly evil · 18 years, 9 months ago
Eep! Lisa L. and I are of course coming over from Seattle to stay at lower camp... I've already talked to shelly a bit about our tent dimensions, but now we find ourselves unable to find the tent itself!


So... Two boisterous singing girls from Seattle seeking tent and/or (hopefully comfy) tentspace for all four nights! (Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun... don't think we'll be there Weds)

C'mon all you out there with the huge/extra tents! ;)
A.J. Back · 18 years, 9 months ago
Ellen, we could bring an extra tent. We have a new huge one for the expanded family, so our old one is available.

Oh and we're going to do lower camping, so that works out. I think we're getting there either Wednesday night or thursday morning.
A.J. Back · 18 years, 9 months ago
We want to be in lower camping this year, so if you can fit us in the space you mark off, that would be great. We have a pretty big tent though, 17X10.
ellen, formerly evil Back · 18 years, 9 months ago
AJ, that'd be great :)

I'm not sure when we're getting there on Thursday, but if you give me the dimensions I'll make sure the tent gets a space marked off for it :)
A.J. Back · 18 years, 9 months ago
I think it is 9x9 or 10x10. 10x10 should do
Snarki_Fru Back · 18 years, 9 months ago

so um... life being what it is... and all that...

would an anti-social work buried mongrel like m'self still be allowed to camp downstairs? ;)  no 10x15 pavilion w/guideropes, I'm borrowing nylon, i believe its 10x10 (sending email to steve later today)

i'm planning on driving in sometime wed afternoon (Med Tent mtg 9am Thurs, oiy!)

angie the meanie

John J. Ryan Back · 18 years, 9 months ago
I'll add you to Shelly's list, she is going to be handling Lower Camp.  She is arriving at 9 AM on Wednesday to do so as Steve and I cannot on Saturday (THe camp roads will not be set up at that time).
Andrea Krause · 18 years, 9 months ago
OK, so who has JillMom's packing list they can give me or post here? :)
k-rock Back · 18 years, 9 months ago
hmm. i'm thinking now i'll be camping in lower camp, as i had no set plans before..arrival will probably be between 7 and 8pm wednesday, i'm giving a couple folks from the area a ride.i'd love it if someone saved me a bit of space. not sure of the size of the tent, but its 2 person so really not all that large. and... i do have a few requests. uhm. i have a tent but i've never put one up before so i was wondering if someone would be willing to help, as i'm sure i'll probably be useless at it. the other request is a little more involved.. i was wondering if there was some who loved me dearly who was willing to be my sunscreen uhm.. "helper" for the duration of the weekend. i know this sounds bizarre but i just got a tattoo on my back, its not done yet,and i was informed that i would be drawn and quartered if i got even the smallest bit of sun on it. i have a sunscreen stick, i just may need a hand from time to time. (its on my back just in the spot one can't really reach well). i know this is probably the weirdest request EVER but, well, what else would one expect from me?
ellen, formerly evil Back · 18 years, 9 months ago
Karen... I wouldn't mind slathering you with sunscreen when I can ;)
Andrea Krause Back · 18 years, 9 months ago
I'm in for the slathering as well. :) And I'm sure there will be lots of folks to help with the tent. :)
Shelly Back · 18 years, 9 months ago
annndrea--of CoURse i have jillmom's list... i packed my hard copy last year with my gear, so when i go home to mom's tomorrow night, i can get it and post it then

will that suffice?
Shelly Back · 18 years, 9 months ago


another original Estrogen Tenter reeee-turns!!!!!!{though this year i'll be tentin solo..heh}

your name is on my list along with aprox tent size.

i'll also throw my hat into the sunscreen patrol list. as long as we all keep after each other in, someone make sure i am pretty sun-conscious as well.

since murray won't be there AGAIN this year to make sure i am wearing sunscreen ;)
Shelly Back · 18 years, 9 months ago
i am actually now pondering driving up tuesday night after work IF i can get in touch with my security team head to see if it's only problem is i don't know if i'll be able to get there in time before midnight to set my tent up and b} i don't think i can set it up by myself.....and i dunno about sleeping in the car.....ah the stress of the coordination......

i'm just nervous now because the exciting pre-plotting can't go as planned -initially- and i have 25 or so odd tents to save space for, but no worries; i always pull through in a crunch :)

so at THE very latest, i'll be there at 9am on wednesday.{though i -am- planning on skipping over to see a friend for a few hours after i get everything set up and people get there that i can leave a list of who all's arriving and such}

so by the time wednesday night rolls around, nate, i'll be up for that tte-QUI-la you promised me ;)
Shelly Back · 18 years, 9 months ago
well, another thing aboot this year is that i have a few people on the list bringing canopies, so we can always spread out -that- way and then give the appearance of using the space till people get we have the car thang, too

it seems like a good lot of people will be arriving wednesday, though....we should have it covered....
Andrea Krause Back · 18 years, 9 months ago
yes'm, thanks :)
nate... Back · 18 years, 9 months ago
My plans have actually changed, now.... I won't be getting there till Thurs.
Andrea Krause Back · 18 years, 9 months ago
We don't know yet if it'll be Wednesday or Thursday.
k-rock Back · 18 years, 9 months ago
oh man, i love all of you guys ;)
John J. Ryan Back · 18 years, 9 months ago

Shelly is matriarch of Camp Edhead!

Brian Dinsky · 18 years, 9 months ago
does anyone know if you will be able to buy a ticket arriving on wednesday, as i haven't bought mine yet...  the site says online stops the 22nd, and starts at the gate thursday 9am.  arg/hmm...
A.J. Back · 18 years, 9 months ago
Hey, if there's any massaging of anything onto Karen, I want in on that! :)
A.J. Back · 18 years, 9 months ago
Canopy!!!! Thanks for reminding me. I have one of those (a screen house actually) I totally forgot. The first time we went to FRFF we just had tents, and we nearly baked. Bringing one's own shade is essential!!!! We should be arriving Wednesday, but pretty late. I hope it won't be dark. :\
Snarki_Fru Back · 18 years, 9 months ago

request: is it possible to plot out for me a corner or an end somewheres? i don't mind being on the road.  i believe what i'm bringing is now 10x13 cabin tent.  or if not... maybe i can find adjacent plot somewheres


ps: has donna contacted anyone yet? i think she was hoping for volunteer camping but didn't know it was being organized.

k-rock Back · 18 years, 9 months ago
k-rock Back · 18 years, 9 months ago
i suppose i can let you help :P
A.J. Back · 18 years, 9 months ago
Are we organizing volunteer camping here or just normal camping. I was under the impression that this was a distinctly normal thing.
Snarki_Fru Back · 18 years, 9 months ago

well, i was basing this on previous experience... so it may be a moot point ;)  two years ago the group of folks (of which donna and kath and potter and a few others) were camping in volunteer camping, we just sequestered an entire block.  but, if that isn't the case and this is a different area from volunteer (does it matter?) then maybe donna and i will aim for volunteer camping then *shrug*  i'm old and senile and out of the loop, :P


A.J. Back · 18 years, 9 months ago
Well, I'm not a volunteer, and I don't know how many of the other people here going me me me are.
Shelly Back · 18 years, 9 months ago


you can be wherever you want~i haven't gone so far as to plot out -exactly- where everyone is like a blueprint{even i am not -that- anal....well...yet  :)}, but i'll try to note that you want a cornerish spot like 2 years ago  :)

and yah, donna frumed me and she's on the list!!

Shelly · 18 years, 9 months ago

ok...she sent this to me and, ob-vi-ous-ly, i'm a girl, so take that into consideration.

like, i dunno iffin -guys- wanna pack body sprays or skirts...though FRFF is the only place i think i've ever -seen- guys wearing skirts oustide of a drag show...which would also include the bras and lip gloss.  :)

i added a few items to the list, too that we've discovered come in handy after the original typing of the list 4 years ago  *g*


deodorant, baby wipes, paper towels, kleenex, wash cloths,towels, water-proof bag/tote for soaps and shampoos for shower area, soap{mini hotel ones work best}, shampoos/conditioners{again, minis work best},comb/brush, toothbrush, toothpaste, dental floss,q-tips(?), lip gloss w/sunscreen,bug/sun lotion,medications{if needed},body spritz-lots!,benadryl ointment for bug bite itch, immodium {just in case}, emery board, sun hat,light robe for walking to shower trailer,shorts, pants, skirts{cooler in long, light skirts}, blouses/t-shirts{2 per day when it sizzles}sweat suit for night wear, under panties, bras, socks, shoes/sandals{2-3 pair in case of rain}, jacket for night time...gets chilly...often very cold


tent{double check your stakes!!!}canopy{if desired},air mattress/camp pad,pillows{not best ones}, folding chair for campsite per person, tarp or the like for each of the stages{6 x 8 is the new tarp-size limit}, pack in plastic crate for use as in-tent chair,still camera/film/batteries, rain covers for all bags and cameras/pouches, old blankets for ground at stage areas, old sheets and blankets for tent, water gallon jug to fill for tent{bathing and drinking}, plastic cups, basin{for tent bathing}, battery lanterns/flashlights, swiss army knife{???} , mallet or hammer for tent stakes, snack foods, beverages,cooler{if desired}

Snarki_Fru Back · 18 years, 9 months ago
t'anks shel, yerawesome.  my hope/plan is to be arriving by late afternoon Wed.  i should be sleeping now... zzzzzz
Chaya Papaya · 18 years, 9 months ago
Hey everyone...I will be there...i'm getting there sometime on wednesday (well, actually i'm leaving tomorrow (tuesday) morning and staying in the hotel w/ my dad b/c my parents are being vendors...COME BUY BIRKENSTOCKS AND/OR TEVAS!...sorry shameless plug) I should be around when all y'all start arriving...probably over in vendor land helping set up the booth...plz come find me or give my phone a ringydingy (585 748 7055)...i have a small (2 man) northface tent...if anyone needs tent space they are welcome to share with me...the end. (sorry for all the parentheses)

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