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trunger is counting...
Username: trunger
First Visit: Nov 1, 1999
Last Visit: Tue, Jun 18, 2013, 7:26pm
About You:I discovered Moxy Fruvous deep in the jungles of the Congo on a hunting expidition with me mates. I found them among a little known tribe called the Wiki Wiki Wah Tavi, a tribe never before seen by modern man. Apparently, they are a peaceful tribe centered mostly around tribal music. I found them dancing around four large humanoid statues who assumed to be their gods. I could distinctly hear them chanting what sounded like "King of Spain" as they danced around the statues. Later, after talking to the tribal leaders I made out that their gods were known collectively as "Moxy Fruvous". Intrigued, I sat around to learn about these gods and attempted to trade my collection of Michael Bolton records for more information. Upon hearing such soft sounds the tribe let out a tremendous shriek and I was nearly chased down and beaten to death. I must say I was sad to have to witness the burning of the Michael Bolton records as sacrifice to the Moxy Fruvous gods. I spent several weeks with the Wiki before I felt it was time for me to head back to civilization. After loading up a few tribal gifts and a few names whom assume to be a bunch of authors, I bade the Wiki farewell and returned to civilization.


This is Moxy in my book. Any questions?Who's that dashing young man in the middle?Look Kat's smiling. Ahhh.......Weakest Link Showdown!!!
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