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Poll: Screw you!

*punches submitter in face* 10 (13%)
uh, okay... *cries* 2 (3%)
I'm rubber and you're glue whatever you say bounces off me... 2 (3%)
That was a f*ing dumb thing to say. 11 (14%)
Can't we just all get along? 6 (8%)
Whoa, where did that come from? 24 (31%)
Why you little... 1 (1%)
I don't get it. What was the question? 14 (18%)
Other.........clod 8 (10%)
   Discussion: Screw you!
Zach · 16 years ago
But I don't wanna!
sheryls · 16 years ago
...wait, that wasnt a good answer to that.
Arbie · 16 years ago
.... and with someone who talks nicer than you
nate... · 16 years ago
As with... most people here.... I took that the wrong way.

Bel kjfdxcvuyjh8 Back · 16 years ago
It was supposed to be just an insult...
Starfox · 16 years ago
Once someone uses profanity, you know you've beaten them.
Bel kjfdxcvuyjh8 · 16 years ago
I just realized that I voted to punch myself in the face. uh...
goovie is married! · 16 years ago
George E. Nowik · 16 years ago


i can't handle mean words.

 -= george =-

Starfox Back · 16 years ago

Oh wait...I'm sorry...
Agent Scully Back · 16 years ago


Oh wait...I'm sorry...

No need to bring people's pets into this. ;)

Starfox Back · 16 years ago
You're right...I apologize. If gordon wants to play with his ferret I shouldn't make fun of him for it. :)
I can see the bunny Back · 16 years ago
Now see what you've done? *pats Norg on the head to make him feel better* :)
Annika Back · 16 years ago
Poor Norg. *hugs and presidency*
George E. Nowik Back · 16 years ago

presidency?  and here i thought you were trying to make me feel better.

presidency = teh evil.

 -= george =-

Annika Back · 16 years ago

Wow that may be the first time I've heard presidency described as evil, other than by bible thumpers talking about presidency outside of marriage, or presidency for one perhaps... Wait, are you just playing hard to get? ;^p

I can see the bunny Back · 16 years ago
If you really want to make Norg feel all better just give him poutine. :)
Annika Back · 16 years ago
*Hands Norg a barrel of poutine* Good? :^)
Bel kjfdxcvuyjh8 Back · 16 years ago
A barrel of poutine...healthy.
Annika Back · 16 years ago
Well, he doesn't have to eat it all at once! He could like.. freeze it or something, eat it in sessions. I'm still not clear on what poutine is, but you can freeze just about any sort of food or condiment. I think. I don't actually know that for a fact. Maybe you can vaccuum seal it. That would keep it all fresh and poutine-y!
George E. Nowik Back · 16 years ago



all is good. (:

 -= george =-

Annika Back · 16 years ago

POUTINE FOR EVERYONE!!! Umm.. Norg's buying.

I can see the bunny Back · 16 years ago
Poutine is fries topped with cheese curds and hot gravy.
J · 16 years ago
Gotta buy me dinner first!!!
Starfox Back · 16 years ago
Wow, you're cheap. :) j/k!
Annika Back · 16 years ago
No, she really is that cheap. :^p
no one · 16 years ago
Sticks and stones will break my bones, but words will never hurt me.

Ouch, who threw that dictionary at me?
ShrinkMan · 16 years ago
That depends on:

A) Whether or not you are a disease free she...

2) How affluent you are...

III) Given a favorable answer to 2), either how old or how beautiful you are...

?) Regardless of which answer you respond favorably to in III), how easy your signature is to replicate...

And Finally...

e) How accident prone you are?!?!?

...One has to be very carefull these days. 8^P

(and that is not just a smilie, but rather an indicator that, if you want what the smilie suggests, additional negotiation may be required, depending on your response to question III)!
Bel kjfdxcvuyjh8 Back · 16 years ago
This was not about that! boy.
dirty life & times · 16 years ago
*blows submitter a kiss & walks away*
Bel kjfdxcvuyjh8 Back · 16 years ago
Thanx...a lot...
ChrisChin is Getting Old · 16 years ago
Well a double dumb ass on you!  Hrm..uh...yea, that's the ticket.
George E. Nowik Back · 16 years ago

bill shatner fans unite!!

i doubt most people know what that's from.

sad, sad state of affairs.

 -= george =-

sheryls Back · 16 years ago

the hell i dont!! :D

i encourage vulcan use of colorful metaphors!

i also think that leonard nemoy should eat more salsa.


Magical Bob · 15 years, 4 months ago
I found the best way to beat someone who says that to me is to look them straight in the eye and with a grin say, 'Don't mind if I do!'  That usually confuses them enough for me to get back at them or change the subject to something more pleasant.  If not, I at least get a grood laugh at their reaction.  I meant good.

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