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Seed Pleese?

   Discussion: Seed Pleese?
Ilmater · 15 years ago
I'm a Fruhead since 2001. One of the few torrents I got was the Iron Horse 10/30/98 show, with BJ and Rachael. I have since lost it and dearly want it back. Can someone seed it for me?
Misch Back · 15 years ago
Check it now.  Can't promise that it will stay up, computer is a little flaky... 
Ilmater Back · 15 years ago
I see it on etree, but for whatever reason my client isn't downloading anything...
Brian Dinsky · 15 years ago
man, i hate seeds. they take up too much of the bag. wait a second....

OH, msorry, can't help. good luck!
Ilmater · 15 years ago
Someone has been diligently seeding for the last few days, but after a 13.6% spree my client hasn't been able to leech successfully. Now the first seeder is gone. Is anyone else willing to help?
Misch Back · 15 years ago
Sorry.  As I said, I have a flaky computer.
Ilmater · 14 years, 11 months ago
Anyone else wanna give seeding a try? I'm 30.2% through.
Misch Back · 14 years, 11 months ago
try re-connecting

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