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Variations of Games

   Discussion: Variations of Games
Gordondon son of Ethelred · 15 years, 10 months ago
As I just mentioned on another forum my friend and I used to play dozens of variations of Monopoly that we made up. Most of them involved having choices when you took your turn. In some each player had two pieces. In others both players would share two pieces. One version gave you the option of either adding the number of pips on both dice or multiplying them. For each of these versions there was a reverse version where your opponent made the choice for you. The weirdest one was one we played with four boards. When you got to a corner you had the option of moving to the next board if you wanted to. I also made up variations of other games. The best was Secret Square Chess. It was a four player game. Two players would play a game of chess. The other two would designate "secret squares." If a chess piece landed on a secret square it was taken off the board. Each piece was worth its standard [pawn = 1, bishop/knight = 3, rook = 5, queen = 9, king = ∞] value to the person who's secret square it fell into. A game consisted of all possible pairings of people playing bridge and making up the squares. Did you make up variations of games? Did you actually played often?
Brian Dinsky · 15 years, 10 months ago
"Did you actually played often?"

heh, i'm a jerk.

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