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nothing particular

   Discussion: nothing particular
Twisted Crystalline · 17 years, 8 months ago
Ah, back home for a few days, full of chinese food, away from that stupid doughnut shop! YAY! I woke up from my nap this evening and no one was home. It's the twilight zone, but I can't fugire out where anyone went. Maybe I should walk around naked. Oh well, I have my dog to keep me company. Not much is going on, working, falling at work because of stupid managers who don't fix things where they are supposed to. I swear that he does not give a damn about anything but his own paycheck or how the job will look on his resume. Maybe you don't have to worry about anything when Daddy is rich. But I'm nto complaining! Septemeber is coming rapidle and I can't wait for my friends to be back. I am living with them for the whole year and it should be fun. Gary, that's my amazing boyfriend, will be visiting soon! Yay! Well, that's all for now, now that any of you read this!
The Spirits of Nature Back · 17 years, 8 months ago
Interesting.... And that Fruhead has changed so much, and now...... Public Diaries??? okay, I am not sure but I think It should be a journal if it is to be publically viewed, right? GreyWolf

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