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   Discussion: valentinesdaycansuckmybutt
Erica: movin' to Ohio!! · 17 years ago
I GOT MY NEW SHOES!! i am going to marry them.
Wintress · 17 years ago
chocolate is good, right? Not that I have any. Yet.
zil Back · 17 years ago
chocolate kills the zilpha. sugar free chocolate is gross.
Wintress Back · 17 years ago

Zilpha + chocolate = dead.

Zilpha + SF chocolate = yick.

Hm.  I hereby declare your next life to be one of no diabetes.  :)

zil Back · 17 years ago
I agree. as it is I do a little happy dance ever time I have a low because I can indulge in candy or, *gasp* orange juice!!
Wintress · 17 years ago
Why can't medical technology hurry the fuck up??

(Hee. the fuck up should be hurried? harried??)


Hurry, med tech, hurry!!
zil Back · 17 years ago

soon, soon it will be mine. sweet sweet sugar. I mean....

they are working on a chip that they implant in your pancreas, it helps preduce inselin.

Wintress Back · 17 years ago


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