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Not a newbie

   Discussion: Not a newbie
Mythfish · 18 years ago
Hi, my name's Dieter. I'm not a newbie, exactly, since I've been a member for close to 4 years. I just haven't really been here for the last 2. :) Anyway, I see that tons of cool feature have been added since I was last here, so mayhaps I'll be coming around a bit more often. I have something of a technical question that I'm not sure about where to ask, so I'll just put it here and hope someone can help. I normally use Livejournal for my journaling, but I like the journals here and want to use it, but I want all my LJ buddies to still be able to read my journal without coming here. To this end, I set up a syndication account on LJ (DieterFruhead, in case anyone cares) for my journal here. But I notice...the whole entry doesn't actually show up there, it just has the first line and a link to my journal here. Is it possible to have the syndication feature put the whole entry over on LJ?

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