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   Discussion: Argh!
The Spirits of Nature · 17 years ago

I wish you the best, I really do.... I miss you terribly, but that is my due. I guess there just wasn't enough trust, And so even though it wasn't just, I can see where you were hurt.

Trust me, you are very special to me, and It is hard to let you go, But I guess it was my fault, I just couldn't make you know.

And so you remained in doubt, and now you forever call me a clout, but I do still care, and I wish you the best in your fare.

Good luck on your exams, and have a successful career,

you lost spirit,


Twisted Crystalline Back · 17 years ago

No Charlie, I just couldn't do the online thing anymore.  Real life, living with the people around you is better than longing for far away things.  It takes you out of your life and it is not worth losing your moments.  Three years of Gary taught me that.

Nice pic by the way.

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