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Snuggle Sisters Unite!!

   Discussion: Snuggle Sisters Unite!!
zil · 19 years ago

why does my head always see "untie" instead of "unite"?

moving on to the point of this randome drivel... a point to randome drivel... *head hurting*


Snuggle Sisters (you know who you are!) I'm calling you into action! I think we snuggle sisters and other accumulated snuggle peoples should try to get together...

ARTICLE 2, paragraph D of the snuggle sisters code of conduct states:

"The Snuggle Sisters, as addressed in the fore mentioned statement, should at a time and place of their own chooseing gather their snuggle siblings to their persons, in great rejoicing."

I'm just taking out of my ass, but I wish I could and I do misses you gals... missing someone you've never met and other impossible feats brought to you by ZilArt&Co.

Annika Back · 19 years ago
All this makes me want to do is post something fake about a club that no one knows about, and just keep posting crap about out meetings that are really vague, just to confuse everyone. But I wont.
iPauley Back · 19 years ago
From Steve O'Donnel's introduction to David Letterman's Book of Top Ten Lists and Zesty Lo-Cal Chicken Recipies:

"It is my sincere hope that you find hours of delight and distractio in theis collection and bla bla bla bla bla. Okay. We know very well that no one reads these introductions. That's why this space has been selected to communicate information vital to our national security to one of our intelligence-gathering operatives overseas. Badger Two, you are to proceed to Budapest for the meeting with Badger One. There, after a friendly discussion, you are to terminate Badger One. Repeat: Terminate Badger One. Now, what else were we saying? Oh yeah. Book of lists. Yadda yadda yadda. On your shelf and all that."

-- Pauley
ellen, formerly evil Back · 19 years ago
uhm, okay. I don't see why it's being vauge. Consider it "before your time" if you wish.
anyways, yeah zil, I think you and the other Snuggle folks should untie sometime. :) Too bad you're so scattered. :P

Mmmmm Snuggle Sisters Hugs.
*thinks about a Snuggle Sister Hug Sammich*
Annika Back · 19 years ago
Oh no! I wasn't saying it was vague. I was just saying that reading that makes me want to write about a fake club. All I was saying about the snuggle sister post was that it makes me want to be a jerk. But not because of what it is, because of what I am!
zil Back · 19 years ago
hey anni... I have an idea... kiss my ass!
Back · 19 years ago

I'm the Snuggle Diva!

(and I have the sparkely shirt to prove it!)

I think I still have my "Snuggle Sister" membership card Eri made me too!

You all need to come out here this Summer! *snuggle*


Lisa SnuggleQueen Back · 19 years ago
hmmm, bus fare out to the west coast is only $160 (for me) and it's only a 25 hour ride....if we could just get our other snuggle sisters out there too. hmmmm, something needs to be done. *nods* but, can it wait until after my test tomorrow? i need to fill my head with anthropology stuffs 'cause i love self inflicted torture. *mutter*

i still have my snuggle sisters card too! *grin* somewhere....

lisa, snuggle queen (8
Eri Back · 19 years ago

I'm not sure where mine is, but I still wear my t-shirt ALL the time. Being the snuggle cutie and all.

Anyhoo. As for getting together... uhm, I'm not sure. As is, I'm already going to be WAY short on the money it's going to cost for my two choir trips this year, and might have to skip the biggest festivals of the year. So. We'll have to see, I guess.

Back · 19 years ago

yeah, play it by ear..but it'd be great to have you all out here!

Maybe Rod can drive something to TO and Pick up Squee!



Shelly Back · 19 years ago


i -thought- i was one of the snuggle sisters...but i never got a card....

so mayhap i am the black sheep again......figures...  [| :'^   >

goovie is married! Back · 19 years ago
it's ok, shell...i'm not a snuggle sister, either. you're still a batnose, for what that's worth. :)
zil Back · 19 years ago
how does one become a "batnose"?

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