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   Discussion: fru-commune
zil · 19 years ago
so I have been in favor of a fruvous commune for a long time... if we had one what do you think it would be like? and where would it be located? and most important of all, who wants to bunk with me? ;-)
Back · 19 years ago
oO bunk with me..tonight...bunk with me...tonight....I'm askin, will you ---bunk---with---ME---tonight?Oo
Annika Back · 19 years ago
I don't know about your questions, but I'd be all about it.
A.J. Back · 19 years ago
Who wouldn't want to? You're hot. :D

The Frucommune is an idea that has been around for years. The appeal is obvious, but I do wonder how long it would go before social order broke down and people started killing one another.
Lisa Kay Back · 19 years ago
I'm with AJ. too much fruage (rhymes with sewage - *smile* has that one been coined yet?) and I get homicidal. I think it would be a great place to vacation - oh wait we already do that at FRFF.
Talcott Back · 19 years ago
I like the idea. I've always had an image of a big, old, brick building/house in Toronto (or NY, or Ohio, or Seattle, some big city). It'd be big enough to have a small foresty area in the center, and each person whould have a house-sized apt. The key would be to find something that crosses all of our arts/tech skills into a way to sustain everything. And we'd need to find someone who can cook for all of our diets. I think a good half of us eat out of the norm for either personal, religious, or health reasons.

*Stands in line with everyone else offering to bunk with Zil*

Hmm...reminds me of frücon ;)
Shelly · 19 years ago

i was/am all about the frü commune idea, but..yah...there'd no doubt be bloodshed after a while.

unless we were all equipped with earplugs.  and prozac.  and alcohol. {though that would make it worse no doubt, but how could we have a frü commune without Canadian beer???} and chocolate.

and coffee is a MUST.  and no doubt DSL for those who are already spoiled by it{dial-up users, REPRESENT!!!}

also, location, location, loCATION!!!! would be a big -if- for me.  i don't wanna stray too far.......  ;)

and yah...if we got to choose our roommates and then also switch them up every now and again.

and i have more to say, but hafta go to work.  ;)


John J. Ryan · 19 years ago
Too much of a good thing, we would kill ourselves.  It's one thing to be friends with people, but to live with them?  You'd be seeing them every single day of the year, dealing with their habits, quirks, etc.  Nice place to visit (Falcon Ridge/Frucon), wouldn't want to live there.  I've got other things in my life beside Frudom.
Talcott Back · 19 years ago


But it's also not like this'd be mandatory, and we'd all be locked up in there, with no contact/friends on the outside.

Although once we do start that, we all get to wear paper hats and play Cat's Cradle :D

Annika Back · 19 years ago

AH! Be more optimistic than that!! I could totally make it work! Easily!

danced with Lazlo Back · 19 years ago
hmmm... in general I'd like to have a variety of home-bases (at least one in NYC obviously) and I'd be all about having one of them be a space in a fru-commune in TO. The key is in being able to leave, and putting space between oneself and the people who you love but who really *grate on your nerves* when you need to. Actually, That's not a bad idea... instead of the commune idea we've been talking about for years where its a permanent residence kibbutz-style thing, have it be sort of like FruSpace to the next level... a fruhead homebase in downtown TO to escape to/crash at where there's plenty of space, food, music, instruments... and soundproof rooms.
Annika Back · 19 years ago
oh my god! That's a wonderful idea! Like a flop-house sort of a thing. A fru-hostel.

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