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How about a shoutout to the rest of the ...mimWhat is your favorite cuisine?...Dec 1, 2004
HUZZAH!!!!mimWould you rather...Nov 28, 2004
Hobbes.mimcartoon crushesNov 23, 2004
All I ever wanted...mimWomenNov 22, 2004
Egads... I never thought about it!mimWhat did you do on your first ...Nov 22, 2004
How about...mimSexNov 18, 2004
The reasonmim*squick*Nov 18, 2004
yes, butmimDo you now what topiary means?...Nov 17, 2004
have to vs. choose tomimDo you feel appreciated?Nov 13, 2004
It's all Greek to me...mimWhat are you reading?Nov 5, 2004
hats 'R' kool...mimDo you wear hats?Nov 5, 2004
SEXmimHow do you like it?Nov 3, 2004
yeahmimPick me upsNov 2, 2004
coloursmimWhat kind of colors do you lik...Nov 1, 2004
yeahmimPick me upsNov 1, 2004
It's all Greek to me...mimWhat are you reading?Nov 1, 2004

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