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mmm...The Dark God TchernobogHow do you like your steak?Aug 18, 2003
um... well...The Dark God TchernobogWhat's your handednessJul 11, 2003
Well, of course.The Dark God Tchernobogdo you feel you would be able ...Jun 10, 2003
You mean...The Dark God TchernobogDo you use public bathrooms? :...May 30, 2003
w00!The Dark God TchernobogHAPPY BIRTHDAY MOMMY!!Apr 27, 2003
I suppose this answer will get me shot.....The Dark God TchernobogBest album ever?Apr 27, 2003
Yeah!The Dark God TchernobogWhat's your favourite (major) ...Apr 12, 2003
Who?The Dark God TchernobogWho is your favorite Eddie Fro...Apr 1, 2003
FolkThe Dark God TchernobogIf you were going to torture s...Mar 3, 2003
BlackThe Dark God TchernobogWhat's your favorite color?Feb 21, 2003
Mmmm...The Dark God TchernobogWhat's your favorite green her...Jan 29, 2003
BothThe Dark God TchernobogRegarding Mustard and Mayo...Jan 23, 2003
No.The Dark God TchernobogDo you want kids?Jan 19, 2003
No.The Dark God TchernobogDo you want kids?Jan 19, 2003
NopeThe Dark God TchernobogWould you buy a FHDC t-shirt?Jan 18, 2003
Dreadnok!The Dark God Tchernobogwhat is your favorite soda?Dec 31, 2002
KHAAAAAAAAAAAAANNNNN!!!!!The Dark God TchernobogBest Star Trek SeriesDec 24, 2002
BahThe Dark God TchernobogWhat is/are the source of mora...Nov 14, 2002
NyarThe Dark God TchernobogFavorite during-hiatus musical...Nov 8, 2002

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