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Desiree THE Turkey
Username: yakkityyak
First Visit: Nov 9, 2003
Last Visit: Mon, Jul 16, 2007, 3:35am
Location:Portland, Oregon
About You:My name is Desiree, I love to sing and dance, and in my show choir at the SAME TIME...yeah I know you are impressed hehe...I also love to hang out with my best friend Sarah...without her I would surely wither away into insanity. I am currently suffering from the oppression of a loving family. People tell me that I am nice, brutally honest (if those 2 qualities can coexist in one person), funny (though I think people just tell me that because they are afraid of what a 5' 3" and psycho teenage girl will do to them), totally dorky, and wierd. I have been known to wear leg warmers to class, and for some reason the odd looks don't bother me...I love almost any type of music but rap...some of it's okay but generally it's unnecessary...I love country, barbershop, 80'S MUSIC, the oldies, yes pop, light rock, etc. email me any time!!! Desiree P.S. I am also a strong believer in good morals and Jesus P.S.S. gobble gobble

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