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Susan Bailey
Username: wisewoman
First Visit: Dec 7, 1999
Last Visit: Mon, Aug 7, 2000, 10:36pm
Location:Stratton Mountain, Vermont
About You:I am a 37 year old mother of three beautiful children. Autumn Elizabeth, 14, Chelsea Taylor, 10, and Forest Jacob, 8. My husband Barry, and I live in beautiful Southern Vermont, on a old farm property where a fabulous brrok rambles along side of us with a 100 foot gently sloped waterfall . Here we have set up our homestead to make our pottery and raise our children in a safe and peaceful community and enviornment. Barry, Autumn and I travelled for years following the dead and selling jewels that we imported from Isreal and Greece. As Autumn entered school age we sought for a clean place where we could settle down and raise our family. And we did, and here we remain pretty sheltered from the rest of the world in a private paradise that we have created. Some of our oldest and dearest deadhead friends children turned us on to Fruvous four summers ago. It was the kids that were first interested and as we supported their musical tastes we soon fell in love with those silly boys as well. we travel as much as our budget allows to see Fruvous now and hope that we can afford to see them on a regular basis. All Fruheads are welcome here from july to September as we have a lovely three bedroom camp overlooking our beautiful waterfall. It is simple but clean and dry and we love to share stories here with our old and new fru-friends and in the summer months we rarely leave as there is not a more beautiful spot in all the world as far as we have ever seen anyway. So thats my story, write to me andlI'll try to write back, be patient with me though, I'm not regimented on checking my mail. My life is full and I have a hard time sitting still long enough to b

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