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Viewing User: Rachel ::hearts:: london

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Rachel ::hearts:: london
Username: jianfish
First Visit: Nov 7, 1999
Last Visit: Wed, Mar 31, 2004, 12:16am
About You:I got into fruvous cause my boyfriend at the time liked them, and ironically i met another boyfriend partially cause of them - i used frücon as an excuse to call him. :D I soon became a true frühead (meaning I can even sing Johnny Saucepan, dun dun duuuun), and have converted tons of people into früheads (1 more and I get a free toaster!) :D Other things I love are MOVIES (Spaceballs, George of the Jungle, While you were sleeping, Undercover Blues, Empire records...), books (The Cineverse Cycle, almost anything by Dean Koontz, Orson Scott Card), my guinea pigs, my room, bass guitar, and of course family and friends. :) AND I'm part-time janet and secretary in the rocky horror picture show - every saturday at 11:45 at loews webster! come! One of our audience looks just like Mike Ford!! ;) My other fav bands are Babybird, Spacehog, Forest For the Trees, Guster, flogging mollys, the ataris, Feeder, harvey danger, The Nields + Russell Wolff + Tory Cassis + Adam Brodsky (all people i fell in love w/ a früconcerts)...and about 5 mil other ones Shout-outs to all my wonderful früsisters i've met in my travels - maggie, sarah, beth, andy (yes andy, you're a früsister), summer + dee, pauley, joy, george, roomie dave, my früposse (one of my früposse was at the Jian show, yay!)...i love you all! ::sniff sniff:: I'm too lazy to put pics up on the site BUT my darling Andy World has pics at HIS früpage :) i'm under 'everyone at camp andy' [although i was only an honorary member ;) ] and 'could they be twins', and if u go there u can see my früsisters too! :) PPS - Hurrah for Moxy Muff, Murray Muff, Mike Muff, and Matheson Muff! (don't ask)

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