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Nann Clarke
Username: janah
First Visit: Nov 8, 1999
Last Visit: Tue, Sep 2, 2003, 10:12pm
Location:Gainesville, Florida
About You:Here is just a little background on my introduction to Fruvous. My friend Katie is near-obsessed with Fruvous and she made me listen to it once in the car. That was pretty much all it took. It's hard not to be interested in something when you hear about it all the time. I've always been a big music fan and I love the sense of humor that Fruvous displays. They seem to have so much fun on and off the stage, and I must admit that attracts my attention and respect. I have started a small campaign to introduce everyone I know to Fruvous and hopefully can get other people as hooked as I am. FYI: I knew I was addicted when I had a dream about Murray.

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