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Username: fruheadgrl1
First Visit: Oct 8, 2002
Last Visit: Fri, Feb 28, 2003, 5:33pm
Location:Rochester, New York
About You:I like stuff and stuff. ummmmmmm well what do you expect from me a book on my life?? geee that was rude oh I know I'll make things up to look cool ok here goes I once found a shoe-horn that actualy had teth much to the surprise of my unsuspecting foot what else...... oh yaeh! my sister was once biten by a moose in the great Canadian wilderness [of toronto] she has now contracted moose-leria but dont bother sending her a card those pesky antlers will be remove thursday, and the thick fur is a side effect she's gotten used to. [costs my parents a fortune in razers though] in any case I hope you've enjoyed whatever that was there now for some facts i have cute chopsticks for my hair that have spikes on them i love to draw drop me a line you krazy kids in the hall

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