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Username: deadparrot
First Visit: May 16, 2001
Last Visit: Wed, May 16, 2001, 7:55pm
Location:Boston, Massachusetts
About You:hello, all. I hate smileys except for mine: the televangelist smiley. it goes a little something like this: @:-)) +. Get it? good. I am known by many nomens, such as: Donut boy, Damn Seen, Li'l bitch, the 12 year old (I'm in eigth grade), the freaking 12 year old. I like movies. They are fun. Food is delicious. I live in massachusetts. Anyone here seen the big lebowski? anyone? That movie is very good, as are monty python, terry gilliam movies, and fight club. The matrix too. I like anime, RPGs ( fantasy movie) computer and dice based. I like scifi books (who would have guessed) and highly reccomend any neil stephenson, Stephen Baxter, or Ray Bradbury books to you. good. I like they might be giants, cows with guns, moxy fruvous (obviously), Zeppelin, the who, the beatles, Jethro Tull, and others (William shatner's beat poetry....ha)I like the simpsons and think it would be very fitting if I had a monkey (I already have the little vest and fez). If anyone else out there is from MA (or the US/canadia, but physical meeting are better arranged intra state), good for you. give me an email, but only if you're good people.

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