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Craig Muckle
Username: cmuckle
First Visit: Apr 3, 2006
Last Visit: Tue, Apr 24, 2007, 10:45am
About You:Hi folks, I began following Früvous in the late nineties, and saw a lot of them during the Wood, B Album and Moon tours. My face is one of the many in the crowd on the cover of Live Noise. My then girlfriend, Laurie Addenbrooke, got me into them. We made a lot of road trips to see Früvous, including a memorable trip to Bracebridge and Sudbury Ontario for folk festivals in the Summer of 1997. My interest in Früvous and the bands I saw with them, expanded my musical palate into the Singer-Songwriter genre, and I discovered great radio stations like WXPN in Philadelphia and WFUV in NYC. Now that I live in Rochester, NY, I've developed quite a collection of radio station CDs like "Live at the World Cafe," "City Folk Live", among many others. I also enjoy a variety of jazz (and was quite a fan going back to when I was in High School, having attended a number of jazz festivals), and most types of rock and blues. My fianceé, Anna, and I are sharing a house in Rochester, and have a July 2006 wedding scheduled. We both currently work as high school teachers, I teach math, and she teaches Special Education. My traveling has slowed down by quite a bit, and don't see too many shows anymore, but I do keep my ear on what the Früvous Boys are doing through the Früheads LJ Community, and through Maple Music. It's been a long time since I've been in touch with most of the 'Fruheads.' I do think of you often, and hope you all are well.

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