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Lou's Incomplete Thought
Username: TheGodling
First Visit: May 11, 2000
Last Visit: Sat, May 19, 2001, 1:00am
Location:New Rochelle, New York
About You:My introduction to Fruvous came about by downloading They Might Be Giants tunes on Napster. Someone had mislabeled "King of Spain" as a TMBG song, I grooved when listening, did a little research and found out it was Moxy...the rest is history. I'm still a fledgling Frufan, have yet to purchase my first album (give me a few minutes!) but I'm gettin there! I usually don't fill out such things as this, but it seems there's a Hundreth Monkey-esque phenomenon with certain people, these being TMBG fans, Frufans, Ben Folds Five Fans (all of which I am) that transcends spoken word, binding us all with the same likes and dislikes, so being a loner in my area as far as Fru and TMBG fandom go, I'll set myself on the line in the hopes of finding someone intelligent out there: Bands I groove on most often: Moxy Fruvous, They Might Be Giants, Ben Folds Five, Cake, some Great Big Sea and Arrogant Worms (learned from Frufans) and varoius others dictated by mood. Tastes of the Literary Persuasion: Currently on a Chuck Palahniuk kick (Fight Club, Survivor, Invisible Monsters) but I've read more books than the Church has burned, far too many to list here. Films: Seems like the Davids are the only ones producing the good stuff in Hollywood these days. But my tastes range from the intellectual to the obscure to the inane, but never Teen Angst. ;P Desperate cry for help: If you've ever read/seen "Disregard This Play" by Greg Kotis or seen its short film adaptation "Bingo" and think it conveys something deeper than just nonsense, email me, please!!!

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