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Travis Howard
Username: T
First Visit: Oct 26, 2001
Last Visit: Tue, May 21, 2002, 10:12am
Location:Richmond, Kentucky
About You:Well, what interests could i write that you would let be seen? Well, there's the goats, the midgets, the cherry flavored dental floss....opps sorry, didnt mean to be thinking out loud. And no, just because I do live in the hell that is kentucky I dont molest goats. Contrary to popular belief I'm sure. As far as musical interests go... these are the bands that take up most of the time in my c.d player; Moxy (of course), BareNaked Ladies (a close second), Lowest of the Low, Great Big Sea, Tragically Hip, Spirit of the West, Reel Big Fish. That's my feel good music. THen there's Billy Joel, George Micheal, Seven Mary 3, Staind, Megadeth (brillant musicians), Sheryl Crow, Eric Clapton, and of course Hanson (just kidding, wanted to make sure you were paying attention). Basically, i can and do listen to almost anything. With the exception of country and 'gangsta rap'. Other interests, Women (sorry, but they come before even Fruvous), Judo, grappling, drawing, and reading. *yawn* I'm sure.

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