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Stufie Q-bert
Username: Stufsocker
First Visit: Apr 22, 2000
Last Visit: Wed, Mar 14, 2001, 11:50pm
About You:Helloooooo Nurse! Hi there, i'm marti :-j i like stuff, and i like it a lot. some of that stuff includes they might be giants, moxy fruvous (der), the beatles, sean altman, pinataland, church of betty, tory cassis, professor plum (a plug for JJ ;-j ), mono puff, the bogmen, rem, and ever so much more. i like hearing about fun unknowns so if you have 'em, please share. i also like movies (especially the artsy and independant one that star people with accents and/or kevin spacey *swoon*) i like actual art, i like poetry, both writing and reading, and hearing occasionally. i have fun cooking (don't ask, i don't know) and i love cartoons, though i rarely get to see them anymore *sigh* i know there is more stuff about Stufie but i'll have to think about what that is. I hope to have a web page up soon, so i'll fill you in when that happens. until that day arrives, i leave you with this. 'kayloveyoubyebye


the Love picture. For Adam, and Gordon, who understands ;-)THEY again :-j heeheeMy EYE!!!Jian *swoon* in CT
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