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Brian Wowak
Username: Spaz
First Visit: Apr 30, 2001
Last Visit: Tue, Jun 26, 2007, 12:26am
About You:First head about Früvous back in 97 when I was a freshman at RIT... have seen the guys pretty much every time they've been in Rochester and the surrounding area, except when their concerts happened to conflict with my band, Chuck's Mom, gigs. Update: Chuck's Mom, like Früvous, is on Haitus, as three of us have moved to Sunny Florida. (Screw you, Rochester!) When the drummer joins us here in 2003 we will take over the world. Best part about being in Florida? People think we wrote Pisco Bandito when we play it. :D


gigging out with Chuck's Mom (I'm on the left)Chuck's Mom w/ guest saxaphonist Robert J. Rinefierd (I'm playing the bass)With my amazing combusting Squier Strat guitar
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