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Not Dave
Username: Not_Dave
First Visit: Jun 17, 2000
Last Visit: Thu, Jul 1, 2004, 10:37am
About You:Hey! I'm Not Dave. You may know me and my pet human, Leah Bender, from shows and such... I'm the short green one. She's the still-pretty-short brunette. We're a team, a duo, buddies, amigos... Hard to miss :)

I've been to every show Leah's gone to, but I was not very hapy when she deflated me and put me under her seat at the Keswick. To pay her back, I hid under the merch table and tried to run away with the band. Leah didn't notice I was gone until she was a block away from the theater (the wench). Sometimes humans are so *stupid*...

I love tattoos. I have five right now, and any friend with a Sharpie is welcome to take a shot at me!

Oh, one more thing. I hate Venusians.


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