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Basic Information

Jennifer Bacon
Username: MFGoddess
First Visit: Feb 21, 2002
Last Visit: Sat, Feb 23, 2002, 10:12am
About You:I got into Fruvous through my B/F now ex who I miss but it didn't work out. I thought Fruvous was awesome the minute I heard them. They have a similiar sound to BNL(Barenaked Ladies, who I now know was influenced by Fruvous) I love BNL and being so similiar I love Fruvous too! I listen to mostly everything and like long walks on the beach to watch the sunset...actually that would be nice if I could actually find a guy who'd be willing to do those romantic type of things. My interests include riding horses, playing field hockey and driving (I love fast cars!) Anyway, this is getting a little lengthy now so I'm gonna go. Catch later!

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