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Leslie K. Maze
Username: Leslie
First Visit: Sep 5, 1999
Last Visit: Tue, Dec 5, 2000, 7:55pm
Location:Atlanta, Georgia
About You:I am a huge Fruvous fan from way, way back. In 1992, I was attending an art school in Columbus that happened to have the local radio station WCBE on it's campus. WCBE had just gotten a tape of Fruvous from Toronto and had them come down for a live show on the air. They were playing a practice show in the gallery, I wandered out of class (you can do that in those art schools, you know) and a Fruhead was born. I met the band, they gave me a demo tape, I went to see them at Stache's the next day, and then I bought the brand new Bargainville tape. Now it's 30+ shows later and I have created more Fruheads than I can count. On a less obsessive level, I work in a resturant fifty hours a week and am going into management, which doesn't leave me nearly enough time for frutripping.

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