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Username: Hippay
First Visit: Sep 29, 2001
Last Visit: Sat, Sep 29, 2001, 9:27pm
About You:hello hello, My Name's Kat and I'm a hippie. I live for the moment, I believe in love in every instance-this does not mean I practise what i preach all the time. Music is my life I absolutely adore Fruvous! teh beatles are up there too along with U2 Aerosmith, Lennon, Tea Party, OLP, Bare Naked Ladies, Static in Stereo and jazz. I lvoe it all. I play some too, I even write a little! I play guitar, tenor sax, bari sax and alto sax. I like tenor best i suppose. i'm trying to teach my self trumpet so I can play some crazy jazz soloa, I'm trying to pickup piano again and other then that i enjoy writing poetry and philosophy, drama the arts basically! I first heard of Fruvous a cou[ple years because my brother was obsessed with them and I hated them for the lngest time jsut because I figured anything my brother listened to was borther's music right? but then I opened up to it and fell madly in love with the harmonies and lyrics. lol so now i am a loyal fruhead and when ever we go on family outings we never fight on music! love love love all you need is love. lol anyhoo, I love you all! fruhead for life, Katharina xoxox

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