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Kevin Barthelemy
Username: Ghod
First Visit: Mar 9, 2012
Last Visit: Sun, Mar 11, 2012, 4:28pm
About You:December 8, 1995, Moxy Früvous appeared at Mike & Molly's, Champaign, Illinois. I was there, because WEBX FM (which went away after only a couple of years) played some great stuff by them, and I went despite being ill...that's how great I thought they were. I wasn't wrong! It was an interesting little show...only about two dozen of us were in the audience, so when I returned from getting more beer downstairs, one of them said, "We missed you!". Someone recorded the show for some cable TV show, and I'd kill for a copy. I was at every show they did in central Illinois. Damn, I miss those times. I have all of the CDs, a few odds and ends I found online, two Frühead shirts (my wife doesn't wear t-shirts), at least one button, several posters...and it just ain't enough.

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