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Lisa Ritchie
Username: Frulicious
First Visit: Jul 22, 2000
Last Visit: Thu, Aug 2, 2001, 5:01pm
About You:i'm a loyal fruhead that recently made my way to 10th grade, oh hurray. :) i live way out in west bumble fuck, alos known as webster, new york. but its kewl, right across Lake Ontario is Toronto, and Fruvous is from Toronto. *grins* i play soccer, lacrosse, and run track, hell this year i may even do cross country. I've got a band called the Stoned Apricots (we're on the rise!), thats kinda like Fruvous, only with some more heavy metal stuff, anyways look for us coming to your area soon. (not really THAT soon, but look for us anyways!) well, tha-that-tha-thats all folks!

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