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Danya Alissa Ortmann
Username: Danya
First Visit: Oct 19, 1999
Last Visit: Tue, Mar 15, 2005, 4:10pm
About You:music student in quebec, love the guys, gabriel yacoub, georges brassens, jacques brel, richard desjardins, ella, louis, tatum, paul simon, don byron, schumann, brahms, oboes, argentine tango, ontarians who speak french, curried tofu, kenya coffee, a dark room with a grand piano, first encounter with fruvous music when i wanted to start an accappella band 5 years ago with my sisters and cousin. my cousin had me listen to GWS and we wanted that to be our first song, i started figuring out the parts but my sister moved away and the band materialised only 2 years after and we never ended up singing about the gulf war, BUT ended up being totally in love with fruvous. the end.

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