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Sarah Starr
Username: Dalia23
First Visit: May 1, 2000
Last Visit: Sat, Aug 30, 2003, 5:23pm
Location:Walled Lake, Michigan
About You:I heard about Moxy from a friend who heard about them from her boyfriend who heard about them from a guy at a concert somewhere. i think? or perhaps i've screwed that up. regardless, i taped Barginville off of her and immediately bought my own when i got back home. that was, way back in 94 or so? I got my mom hooked as well and we ended up with the whole collection. I've gone to about... six or so shows? its been hard, i've been gone at school and such. and i couldnt get into a few places, being under 18 for all that time ;P anyhow, moxy's been quite an influence on me, the guys are truely talented and give a great show. i can put on any of their music and be wisked away to a different land...

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