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Christine Howard
Username: ChrisH
First Visit: Aug 10, 2000
Last Visit: Thu, Aug 10, 2000, 11:27am
Location:Annapolis, Maryland
About You:My husband and I are into alot of different music, he has a band that started 12 years ago at the MD rennissaince festival and now we travel all over for shows,but nothing like the way fruvous tours!His band plays mainly sea shantys and Irish drinking songs and folk, the bands we see at festivals are wonderful,and we are always meating new groups, they havent played a gig with fruvous though.We got turned on to Fruvous about 4 years ago and have been to 11 shows in the Annapolis ,Balt and DC area, since we have two small kids 6 and 8 and they love frumusic too! Its hard for us to see them far a field ,so we wait for them to come to us. We love when they play the Rams Head tavern in Annapolis its only 10 min from my home!Its funny how when we go to shows here in the DC area I always see fellow ren. fair geeks and I wonder how many are fruheads too? If your near Annapolis come see the Pyrates Royale at the Ren fair They are all Fruheads now!

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