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Poll: How much sick time are you allowed at your job?

There's no limit, really, as long as you're not noticed. 11 (15%)
10 days in a year or so. 7 (10%)
5 days, and it's really strict 5 (7%)
I don't get sick time, I work in restaurants. 4 (6%)
I'm unemployed, you insensative clod! 13 (18%)
I'm too young to have a job, you insensative clod! 4 (6%)
Other? 28 (39%)
   Discussion: How much sick time are you allowed at your job?
J · 19 years, 3 months ago
woo hoo 100% unemployed so far
Kevin - King of WiFi · 19 years, 3 months ago
I get 1 - pete best days off.... (ok so im stretching it)
nate... · 19 years, 3 months ago
You can't just post "other" and no explain!!!

What, are you mute?
Jºnªthªn · 19 years, 3 months ago
I get 3 weeks a year of "Flexible Time Off," i.e it is used for vacations &sick days - I get a flu shot so I don't burn my "vacation" being sick. We've also had furlows the last 2 xmasses, which come out of my vacation unless I want unpaid leave, which I most certainly don't. I do get paid jury duty and 5 days "bereavement" leave a year, which I've never used because all my grandmas died years ago and making up a dead grannie is SUCH bad karma....
Andrea Krause Back · 19 years, 3 months ago
My thing is along these lines. We don't have a difference between sick days and days off. It's one big bank. I think I get 26 a year with my current years of service. It's just called the PTO bank. You can use them all as vacation, or some as sick. The only real catch is since sick days are unscheduled...they DO get accounted for because (with supervisor discretion) too many unscheduled PTO days can get you put on probation and such. So I'm not really free to take 26 sick days. I'd be fired at that point. :) But it's nice that if you *aren't* ever sick you get extra vacation.
Bruce Rose · 19 years, 3 months ago
Sure, as a "team leader" (an empty title that implies a team to lead), I can take paid sick time... but only if I get sick while I'm at work and only if I've already worked half of my shift. It's easier to just call in. Or, as I usually do, plan my vacations for times that I get sick. Sure, vacations are pretty miserable, but at least I'm not missing work or pay.

Where can I get one of those cushy office jobs?
Or I could move to California... sick time is required there, right?
sheryls · 19 years, 3 months ago
at my company it's PTO - Paid Time Off - and you get one when you start and one every month you work there and they build up - on your 1 year anniversary you get 2 that month. so you get about 13 a year. i've never used any (i went to a funeral once that wasnt a relative and they said i had to use PTO, but i think they took it out of my overtime).

so, essentially, i'm being paid the entire time i'm in japan, except for the weekends :) w00t. i'm taking like 10 pto days and then 3 of the days are paid holidays anyway :D
Chaya Papaya Back · 19 years, 2 months ago
at the shoe store (yay retail) we too have pto, and technically it kicks in after 6 months of working. basically it's a small business and the bosses are really chill, so everyone gets the sick time they need, but they might not get paid for it...the thing for me is...that my parents own the i don't get pto (but i get all the time i need)...and i only work on school breaks
A girl named Becca · 19 years, 3 months ago
I get unlimited time off. For essentially any reason. Even when they notice I'm not there. Too much homework? Feeling a bit ill? Something better came up? "Allison...I can't make it to work today...." "OK, Becca, that's fine." I love work-study jobs. :) Only downside is, I only get paid for the hours I actually work...

Too bad I can't get time off from classes.....
Talcott Back · 19 years, 3 months ago
yep. that's exactly what I have.
Although if I can't come it, I do need to get someone to cover my shift. (which combined with how little I get paid when I do work, means I never bother).

As nice as this is, I'd really like a job where they let me work more than 10hrs a week...
Mamalissa! · 19 years, 3 months ago
I am temping. No paid sick days, although I can take days off (within reason - enough days out and I think I'd be out altogether.)
dave "buh" · 19 years, 3 months ago
My job has "Paid Time Off" which is any combination of holidays, vacation, and sick. We get 15 days per year plus the stock market holidays (New Years, ML King, President's, Good Friday, Memorial, 4th July, Labor, Thanksgiving, Christmas.)
meh · 19 years, 3 months ago
Well, until/unless I'm ever made full time, I don't think I get any paid time off.

How much unpaid sick time I can get away with is pretty variable. While I'm in the office, I suppose I could get away with however much I needed to take, since they're pretty laid back. And besides that, my Mom is my direct superior, and she won't usually let me work if I'm more than a little sick.

When I'm on the road with a crew... I probably could still get away with some sick time -- my crew foreman (or at least the foreman of the crew I was with this past summer) is a really nice guy, and he'd probably not want me to be working if I felt like hell. But if I'm down, the whole crew is down, and nobody gets paid if we aren't working. So I'd have to be about three-quarters dead before I'd try to pull sick time out of the week while I'm on crew.

(It's just so much fun working both white and blue collar jobs at the same company. Of course, in either capacity, I'm laid off until spring now. Oh well.)
lawrence · 19 years, 3 months ago
officially, it's 5 days, but we don't have to take vacation days if we get sick a 6th time. so it's pretty flexible.

besides, we spend enough extra time here when we have tight deadlines that we more than make up for any extra time we may take off.

Annika · 19 years, 3 months ago
I'm a caregiver, I'm paid to take care of other people, which leaves no time to take care of myself. So if I get sick it's the most horrible thing ever, how dare I be sick! So I quit smoking, quit eating meat of any kind.... mostly, except for the occasional hooters chicken wing, because *drool* yummy! Anyhow, so I don't get sick anymore. Not sick enough to miss work anyhow.
A.J. · 19 years, 3 months ago
I can take as much sick time as I like... until I starve to death or the creditors come and put me in debtor's prison. :)
Anita · 19 years, 2 months ago
I work with little kids at a day care at my college so if I get sick they really really don't want me there!
· 19 years, 2 months ago
If I miss three days of ANY class, I fail!
Also, if I drop below 80% in any calss, I fail!
so, I drink.
Will work for anime · 19 years, 2 months ago
yes....2 days a year we get. and we can only carry them over until the next feb. anyone wonder why i hate my job?

nate... Back · 19 years, 2 months ago
That's harsh.

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