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Poll: Which is your favorite of these film series?

Lord of the Rings 32 (40%)
Harry Potter 21 (26%)
Star Wars 28 (35%)
   Discussion: Which is your favorite of these film series?
lawrence · 14 years ago
Harry Potter may be compared to LotR, I suppose, but how is Star Wars relevant? And why just those? Why not Indiana Jones or Back to the Future or Jaws or Superman? Or, for that matter, any of several dozen film series that are only related to these three by virtue of being a series....

(while we're at it, perhaps there should have also been an option for the people who live under rocks and haven't seen any of the 13 individual movies indirectly referenced in the poll :)
Gordondon son of Ethelred Back · 14 years ago
I guess you missed it, there have been Star Wars films released since the the HP and LOTR films have been made. The others series you mentioned are 20 years old.
lawrence Back · 14 years ago
That wasn't obvious from the poll, and I still don't see how the three are connected.

Plus, if you're talking about the prequels only, I need to change my vote.
Josh Woodward Back · 14 years ago
I'm guessing it's because they're the three big sci-fi (or whatever you guys call 'em) movie series. Though I agree "Back to the Future" should have been an option, in that case.
nate... Back · 14 years ago
yeah, if back to the future was in there that would've been the obvious choice.

Though, I mean, that's in a different category, as it's an AWESOME series.. whereas the others are in the "watchable" category.

Bender Back · 14 years ago
All three are epics. It made sense to me.
stealthlori Back · 14 years ago
Also, those are the 3 that I am aware of huge amounts of fandom-related-activity/fanfic for. I haven't run across much Back to the Future slash. (Although it probably exists, and my limited awareness of pop culture is pretty much crap.) So it made sense to me too.

Bender Back · 14 years ago
I once found Brave Little Toaster slash...
Gordondon son of Ethelred Back · 14 years ago
You mean you found it after you wrote it!
stealthlori Back · 14 years ago
renita Back · 14 years ago
wah wah wah

Josh Woodward · 14 years ago
LotR and Star Wars have always struck me as overly ambitious pieces of film wankery. I'm not a giant HP fan either, but I have at least enjoyed the ones I've seen. So I guess I'll vote for HP.
Gordondon son of Ethelred Back · 14 years ago
I am shocked that HP is by far the least popular. I voted for LOTR of course.
nate... Back · 14 years ago
I agree on the wankery.... but at least LotR was well acted and worth watching. :)
stealthlori Back · 14 years ago
meh. I favor the Harry Potter storyline and movies alike mostly on feminist grounds - yes it's focussed on The Boy Who Lived, but still it has women and girl characters who aren't merely decorative and in need of saving.
Gordondon son of Ethelred Back · 14 years ago
I would not call either Eowyn or Galadriel "merely decorative and in need of saving."
stealthlori Back · 14 years ago
Ok. How about "vague and remote" for Galadriel? Which leaves Eowyn as the sole interesting female in the series, unless you count Shelob. ;) And it's my impression that her interesting-ness was played up mightily in the film version over the original story.
Bender Back · 14 years ago
It bored the everliving crap out of me.
stealthlori Back · 14 years ago
Me too. Pretty and all, but I can only watch so many treks through grim surroundings, and elaborately choreographed battle scenes, before I want to take my eyeballs somewhere less soporific.
lawrence Back · 14 years ago
I found it less intolerable in the movies than the books, at least. I mean, yeah, 'a picture is worth a thousand words', and Tolkien used at least that many for every single tree, mountain, cloud, stream, bush, rock, blade of grass, and creature in middle earth. At least in the movies, we could just see all of those things at the same time.
George E. Nowik · 14 years ago
this may seem weird, but LotR is not aging well with me. i enjoyed seeing them in the theaters and even watching extended versions with friends as they came out on DVD, but ... i can't see myself watching them again for quite a while. kinda the same with the harry potter movies, although i'd be more inclined to stick one of those into the player than a LotR movie.

new star wars trilogy? i'm still watching them. again and again. ):

-= george =-
Paul D. Beasi Back · 14 years ago
See, I could never see myself watching any of the new Star Wars movies ever again in my life. I might even ban my kids from watching them just on principle. :)
Kris 'engaged' Bedient · 14 years ago
Another really long poll. Do we need 8 days to discuss this topic?
Rimbo Back · 14 years ago
I agree. Harumph.
Josh Woodward Back · 14 years ago
Yes. I don't feel that we've adequately covered it yet.
Kris 'engaged' Bedient · 14 years ago
LOTR-Great film series. Much grander scenery than I had in my head when reading the books. Mostly good selection of which parts of the book to include in the movies. Tolkein does have a tendency to go on a bit, as was stated previously, about each and every rock, tree and hill.

Harry Potter-Good film series. So much that is given in the books is left out in the movies, and I know that they can't possibly fit everything in, but I do yell at the movie screen when book scenes that I like get skipped. The movie isn't the way I imagined everything when I was reading the books, therefore, I don't like the movies as much, but they are still good.

Star Wars-Great film series, at least, the original three. I don't like hype, so when the new ones came out, I didn't see them, and still haven't seen them. I grew up on the originals and no matter how many time I see them, I will never get tired of them. So many great quotable lines. I never read the books these were written from, so I didn't go into the movies with any expectations of plot lines, therefore, I wasn't dissapointed by what happened.

Can we please move on now???

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