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Le Tigre

   Discussion: Le Tigre
andrew · 16 years, 1 month ago
Check out Le Tigre's contest to win free some autographed promotional stuff at:
Bender Back · 16 years, 1 month ago
No way.

I feel dirty just having followed that link.

I believe in treating animals humanely and with respect, but I absolutely abhor extremists.
Josh Woodward Back · 16 years ago
What was extremist on that page?
lawrence Back · 16 years ago
the host.
Bender Back · 16 years ago
More than that.

Even on the equally media-friendly parent site, they admit to condoning the acts of the ALF, likening it to the Underground Railroad and the French Resistance. They excuse many illegal acts, such as arson. It's right there on the site.

My personal experience with the ALF is that they're a bunch of thugs who wait at a 65-year-old furrier's house until he comes home and attack him in his driveway. That same night, they vandalized his shop.

No, I would not wear fur and I don't agree with practises in the fur industry. However, these actions are extremist, terroristic, and inexcusible.

EDIT: The repeated WE'RE NOT NAZIS undercurrent on that FAQ confuses and vaguely amuses me
zil · 16 years ago
and dude, he totally eats cats!
sheryls Back · 16 years ago
HA! I kill me!
Gordondon son of Ethelred Back · 16 years ago
And his real name was Gordon Shumway!

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