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Torrent: Peter Mulvey & Erin McKeown, 2001-Oct-24

   Discussion: Torrent: Peter Mulvey & Erin McKeown, 2001-Oct-24
Joe Navratil · 18 years ago
Big thanks to Laurie Higashi and Drew Harrington for providing an alternate source for the first set of this show -- my own copy is missing the first song and a half. Purists, please note the odd source & lineage before you download. Still a great show, IMO :-)

Size: 501 MB
Type: FLAC
Torrent: here

Peter Mulvey & Erin McKeown
October 24, 2001
Espresso Garden Cafe
San Jose, CA

Notes: This show is a co-bill with Peter Mulvey and Erin McKeown. David Goodrich accompanies both artists throughout their sets on electric guitar and electric mandolin. Peter's set was the first set of the evening; Erin's set was the second set, and the Erin disc also contains the encores (which featured all three performers). Both directories contain a textfile for that set; this was done to make it easier to separate the show (which I wouldn't recommend, but some people -- like -- want it that way)

Taper: d1: Drew Harrington
CCM4 > SX-M2 > SBM-1 > M1
d2: Joe Navratil,
Split mono sbd > M1

Transfer: d1: Drew Harrington
M1 > unknown > Waves 1.0 [10dB compression] > wav > CD
and Joe Navratil
CD > EAC 0.95p4 [secure mode] > flac 1.1.0
d2: Joe Navratil
M1 > Dio 2448 > CoolEdit96 > CDWav > flac 1.1.0

DISC ONE (Peter's Set)                  56:02.53
01. Introduction                        00:56.46
02. Comes Love *                        04:34.60
03. Angel From Montgomery *             05:13.56
04. Better Way To Go                    05:08.66
05. Out Here                            04:07.18
06. If Love Is Not Enough               05:45.14
07. You Meet The Nicest People          03:19.52
08. The Road To Mallow                  04:05.37
09. Goody's Solo -> Aurora Borealis     08:34.46
10. The Wings of the Ragman             04:43.16
11. The Trouble With Poets              05:02.45
12. The Little Cowboy *                 04:30.47

DISC TWO (Erin's set)                   59:39.25
01. Melanie                             02:38.31
02. Civilians                           04:22.64
03. A Taste Of You                      02:56.43
04. Banter: Abe Surgecoff               02:49.35
05. The Door                            03:36.58
06. Culver City                         04:35.35
07. Didn't They                         02:31.08
08. Banter: Truth or Dare               02:08.52
09. Softly Moses                        04:14.60
10. Banter: Fifteen Years Ago           02:31.09
11. Estelle                             06:04.46
12. Banter: Y'know, a womb scene        01:33.05
13. On The Way Up **                    05:24.65
14. Fast As I Can **                    05:39.56

ENCORES (disc two con't, both artists)
15. E1: Don't Get Around Much           03:54.15
16. E2: Goodbye                         04:37.42

*  with Erin McKeown
** with Peter Mulvey

Joe Navratil · 18 years ago
..for the record, this show contains the most oddly embarassingly amusingly disjointed version of "La Petite Morte" (which everyone, Erin included, seems to call "Estelle" these days despite the wonderful pun in the title.. sigh) that I've heard her perform.

Okay, fine, that's only like a dozen performances tops, but still...
Joe Navratil Back · 18 years ago
...I seem to have broken something in the FHDC display code. Josh? Help?

Edit: Lawrence clued me in, fixed now. Thanks Lawrence!

Josh Woodward Back · 18 years ago
Something's not wrapping. *shrugs* :)

Oh, and download this show, it was fantastic. I love their version of "Fast as I Can". I should post my copy of this someday, I got a great crispy AUD that sounds more like a matrix.
hkath Back · 18 years ago
Joe Navratil Back · 18 years ago
Okay, I guess it'd be "wordplay" rather than a "pun", sorry :-)

(The whole "Jesus says we die a little death for him every day..." bit, juxtaposed with the French -- is it not the same in Quebec? -- slang for orgasm, plus the fact that Estelle died upon climax after having presumably aided in the death of her two previous husbands in a similar manner -- okay, that last bit's not in the lyrics, I don't think, which means it's just my interpretation -- you're right, that's too involved for "pun" :-) )
Mikie Lasota · 16 years, 5 months ago
Could someone please seed this for me? And I will do the same.

Thank you.
caroline: tired. · 16 years, 5 months ago
i second the call for seeders...this sounds like such a good show.
Agent Scully Back · 16 years, 5 months ago
Mikey?! Are you back in WNY?

Mikie Lasota · 16 years, 5 months ago
I've been doing Erin McKeown research (freakin' love her Distillation album, kinda like Grand, not really into the Birds one) and came to a Fru site, I shoulda figured.

Yup, I'm back in WNY. I've been living in Rochester since Oct 03.

How're you?
Mikie Lasota Back · 16 years, 5 months ago
I have a dual DSL/Cablemodem line and am willing to seed for two weeks if I am able to grab it.
dgodwin Back · 16 years, 5 months ago
I don't have this show on my computer anymore, but I do still have a voices on the verge show I could reseed for you. I don't remember where I got it. Also, there's a couple Erin shows on Dimeadozen. Also,

Voices on the Verge (Beth Amsel, Jess Klein, Erin McKeown, & Rose Polenzani)
February 21, 2002
Jim Porter's Emporium
Louisville, KY

Source: 4021 B&K cardioid mics>Beyer MV100>Sony SBM-1 A/D converter>Sony M1>Cool Edit Pro(48->44)>CDR>WAV>FLAC
Taper: Norris

Disc 1:
01. Heaven Release Us (7:53)
02. Blackbirds (5:53)
03. Louise (5:36)
04. House You're Living In (5:59)
05. Jesus Loves Me Like a Bird (4:52)
06. James! (4:25)
07. Warning (6:23)
08. Emory (4:35)
09. You Dont Know (5:06)
10. Softly Moses (6:14)
11. You're Welcome (5:04)
12. Little White Dove (6:56)
13. Hunger (3:58)
Total time: 72:53

Disc 2:
01. Didn't They (3:28)
02. song about a bike (0:28)
03. Love Is Where You Find It (7:44)
04. Here I Go Again (3:50)
05. Tainted Love (4:49)
06. The Llama (6:09)
07. La Petite Mort (3:42)
Total time: 30:10
Kris 'engaged' Bedient · 16 years, 5 months ago
oh my goodness! I have peers for this, but we have no seeders :( I will bake and mail cookies for anyone who can find the energy to locate this show and re-seed it! (ask around, I make some fine cookies!)
Mikie Lasota · 16 years, 5 months ago
Thanks for the heads up - even through Erin's site I realised they have links to those and other torrents.

I appreciate your help! :)

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