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   My Links   
· Fruhead.Com - The center for Fruhead-related content.
· Fruvous.Com - The official source for band-related information.
· Way To Go Murray - Why Murr-man is so popular :-)
· A Walk in the Ravine - Lori's FrüPage -- photos, reviews, links and more
· Princess of Monaco's Palace - kinda like your mom. only more fruvous.
· Jonny Saucepan's Pennsylvania Fru - Kinda like my old site, only better
· I love Canadian Boys - : just another little tribute to all things fru.
· Fruvous Holiday Card - A Holiday Card to All the Fruheads.
· Waiting For Bob - comic strip (with occasional Fruvous references)
· STOP MTV NOW! - Help end it now!
· River Valley - Since 1995, the most pathetic Früsite around!
· Moxy Fruvous Acrostics - Acrostic poems dedicated to the lads.
· Kraut Planet - A great page with lots of humor.
· a.m.m-f buttons - button information
· My Poor Generation - Tribute to Dave
· The Onion - Fruheads and Fruvous' favorite newspaper
· Moxy Fruvous Trivia Game - Fun Fruvous-related trivia!
· this is my world - ^kat's^ homepage. fruvous pictures. yum.
· Fruvous Playground - Fruvous Games, Ask Dave's Head, Fru eCards, & more
· Corey's Place - Live web cam
· Riff-Raff's Lyric Sequels - Umm, I was bored, made some sequels... Check em!
· MC's Nook - MC's homepage -- about me, Fruvous and Hill Haus!
· elements. - anna does stuff. you read about it. the end.
· All about Me... Anna Desarno - Info and links on cool stuff...check it out
· Center for the Easily Amused - This seemed appropriate somehow...
· - Jian's Official Site
· Love Set Fire - Murray fan page
· Moxy Fruvous, the Yahoo Club - Yahoo is taking over the internet! (join in!)
· Dictionaraoke Splatter Splatter - Anyone want to take credit? It Rocks!
· Jian's Chat, 10/2/2000 - The edited transcript for Jian's IRC chat.
· Batnose: The Worlds Greatest Rock 'N' Roll Band - The Official Home Page Of Batnose
· Verse From the Jabberwock - The Origin of the Name Moxy Früvous?
· Moxy Fruvous Community - Yahoo! Club (where you can talk to other fruheads)
· diet of worms - indie band
· Lynne's FruPage
· WWW.CHUCKSMOM.COM - these guys admit to being influenced by Früvous.
· Erick Rudiak - Songwriter, B'ville Fan & Mild-Mannered Mannequin
· Dusty Shoes Band - Frulie, Rod, and Dave's band, LOTS of Fruvous pics
· diaryland - because everybody else has one of these :)
· 'Nuf Sed Vocal Jazz - Young and talented vocal group with a groove all their own!
· WCWP-FM Alumni - New web address for WCWP-FM ALumni
· The Truth About Murray - Murray's Deep Dark Secret
· Lost in America - Cleveland Folk Rock Band
· Fruhead Radio - It keeps on moving, but I found it again!
· Dictionaraoke! - Check out "Splatter Splatter"
· Peter Mulvey Fan Community - FHDC's sister site
· Carbon 13 - Band temporary web site
· 'Chelle Shocked Productions Presents...
· chicago song circle - serving chicago's folk community and pimping fruhead-friendly music
· emaline delapaix dot com - fablicious official site for audacious Aussie singer songwriter emaline delapaix who is obsessed with strings and lip gloss!
· Kris Demeanor - Official site for Calgary musician Kris Demeanor - fun, laughter, tears & mayhem
· Rose Christair Mary's Mystries Message Board Webpage. - Nine Inch Nails Meets Type O Negative. Gothic Metal
· Erick Rudiak: Songwriter. Singer. Human. - Erick Rudiak writes and performs quirky, clever original pop.
· - Check out my music and ramblings...

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