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Will Corbi
Username: slimbill
First Visit: Aug 1, 2004
About You:Im a 57 year old professional musician, who has played with many great artists. I hate nobody, and have played in groups, with a few gays over the years. My opinion on gays having children is no. I say this, because a child needs a woman spirit, and a man spirit. What each brings to the table, is important for children to know. If they are raised by two of the same sex, then they miss fifty per-cent of lifes lessions. Think about this for a minute. If a male didn't give sperm, there would be no reproduction. A gay friend told once, there is no true homosexualls. He said that they are really bi-sexualls. He also told me about chicken hawks, golden rain, and other things that gays do. We were in rehab together, and he was there because he had a beautiful wife, and two wonderful kids. He had finally told his wife, and he was there for help. He said he hated the gay life, and he had almost killed himself, because of guilt. Its my belief, that many gays feel this way also. I thank you for letting me comment. Like I said, I speak in truth, and hate no man or woman. Billy

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