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Username: sean
First Visit: Dec 22, 2002
Last Visit: Tue, Jul 1, 2003, 2:18pm
About You:One day I was a was a student art teacher at a high school in Corning NY around 97. I noticed a student wearing a TMBG t-shirt..."That's my favorite band" I said. She said..."Have you heard of Moxy Fruvous?" "Tell me of this Moky Frovous" I replied. She gave me a tape and many concerts later I'm a fruhead. My wife and i will go to any show with in several hours of Binghamton NY. I like TMBG, U2, BNL and many other initials. And now that I'm a teacher I do my best to spread the word. "I see you've got a Benfolds shirt on...have you heard of Moxy Fruvous" I say.

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