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Nate Erwin
Username: nerwin1
First Visit: Dec 26, 1999
Last Visit: Wed, Aug 30, 2006, 3:35am
Location:Van Nuys, California
About You:I first heard about Fruvous in 1996 when a friend of mine played me a few songs from a tape he had. Had to immediately go out and buy bargainville, and just recently I completed my fruvous cd collection. My first concert was in early 1998, and I've since been to the Halloween show in Northampton in 1998, and a show at the Somerville Theatre in Boston, as well as at Falconridge Folk Fest in Hillsdale, NY. I'm a graduate of the Park School of Communications at Ithaca College, with a degree in audio production. My current career is working in the restaurant business with the occasional film production here and there. I'll be moving to LA in January to focus more on the film part of my career (although i'm sure i'll still have to deal with the restaurant part). And of course, I'm dying for the day when I can once again go see a Moxy Fruvous show.

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