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lisa pollack
Username: lpgator
First Visit: Jul 25, 2000
Last Visit: Sun, Jan 7, 2007, 1:14am
About You:How I found Fruvous: An old friend (Mr. Mike Gerber)played me "My Baby Loves a Bunch of Authors" somewhere around 1994 and I thought, "Jeez! A band with brains!" Soon after, MF pulled into town for their first-ever sojourn in Boston, and Michael, several members of yeP! (anyone remember them?), and lil' ol' me trucked out to see them. I had *no* idea that a band could be that incredible and engaged with a crowd. (Remember, I'm coming from Grateful Dead-land here...) Post- show, MF jumped down from the the stage to greet the 8? 12? people in the room...and the rest, as they say... Highlights of my Fruvous life: 1. Shooting the New Year's Eve show for the cover and liner notes of "Live Noise." I could try to be jaded about it, but I can't. The most fun I've*ever* had working. (Actually, I can't even rightly call it "working!") 2. Photographing Murray for Bass Player magazine. I was still pretty new at photography, and although we all know how mellow the man is, I was scared witless. I shot *way* too much film and a bunch of the shots are completely out-of-focus. (Not much has changed, actually.:-) 3. The yeP!/Fruvous shows at the Iron Horse and Middle East. A great feeling of camraderie between two great bands. (And I got a shout-out, too! 4. Every single time I hear "River Valley." There is no comparison to the sheer bliss. ================== It's been a great ride. I can't thank the band enough for the hundreds of hours of unbelievable deep joy they've given me and so many others. And I should also point out that I've never seen a fan base so incredibly dedicated to, and willing to work for, a band. The Fruheads are a very special bunch of folks. Thanks, guys!

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