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amy newhouse
Username: littleamy
First Visit: Sep 5, 2000
Last Visit: Sat, Aug 25, 2001, 12:28am
Location:Rochester, New York
About You:Hey whaz name's amy. i've been to 24 moxy concerts.first of all i like moxy of course,sloan,blur,ben folds five,odds,mono puff,they might be giants,lincoln,and others.i've been to bnl,they might be giants,ben folds five,and can usually find me in the front row.i was in the sad girl video,i wasn't the one who lets go of the balloon, i'm the one who walks in front of jian in the begining.The only song i knew at my first moxy concert was i love my boss. i've been going to see moxy since '97.i play the drums in a school band, (i have a set too).i like hockey,my favorite team is rochester amerks,i have season tickets. those of you who have heard of limezinger (sarah newhouse)she's my older sister.i have two dogs,two anoles (little lizards)and a fish named pisco.i'm going into fifth grade this year, i like camping,i live with my mom, and i like kids in the hall,late night with conan,and i kinda like toge+her

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