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Username: lacetomer
First Visit: Jun 15, 2003
Last Visit: Wed, Mar 3, 2004, 12:07am
Location:Wallingford, Connecticut
About You:Hmmm..... I'm just about 20 (i will be as of tomorrow), i go to UConn right now for film, but i'm looking to transfer to an art school to major in black and white photography... I adore reading, movies, eating raspberries, climbing trees, laying in my bed and doing nothing, belly dancing, pretending i am audrey hepburn in breakfast at tiffany's, drinking coffee, and other such random things... I heard about moxy fru from my english teacher last semester and have not been able to stop listening to them since (i have also been dating my teacher since the end of the semester, but i suppose thats another story altogether)... And as for other bands i listen to, well, my new favorite is damien rice, his album "O" was finally released in the states in june, everyone should buy it, it is the single most beautiful album i have ever heard... i also listen to dave matthews band, bnl, the arrogant worms, 3 dead trolls in a baggie, elliot smith, ben folds five, clem snide, eels, coldplay, the incredible moses leroy, jeff buckley, neutral milk hotel, oasis, pete yorn, rheostatics, talking heads, tmbg, wilco, nick drake and all sorts of other things... aim: lace22



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